Looking to contact IO

looking to contact the development team or something similar to delete crashing save files or restore the game to a working point, almost all my save slots are corrupted and causing crashes on load, with 3 years to patch out these problems there should be a manual load /delete selection to purge corruption from the game

Ain’t gonna find them here go over to tech support and contact community managers like travis

You having issue with HITMAN 2?
Have you tried to check game files integrity?
Maybe even better to reinstall the game.

Guide how to delete save files from Steam Cloud available here:

Try it

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i have reviewed all of this content, none of which is what im looking for, i have also tried to find my non cloud saves to no avail, either way this doesn’t solve the problem of Corrutped files as these are being saved either through steam cloud or IO cloud services which i have no personal access to. what i need is access to my save files, the option to delete them IN game and for saving the game to work as its intended

Sadly, if your save file is corrupted, the chance of you could access it is pretty low. However, if you can still save the game by starting a new mission, you can ignore the corrupted save file and play the game normally.

There is no way to delete the save files inside the game, but you can delete your local save data from the outside of the game to delete them. The specific steps depend on the platform. This does not affect your progress.