LORE: The Constant and Partners

After events of all World of Assassination trilogy I was asking myself a question, and I will share with you guys.

Why actually The Constant (Arthur Edwards) needed Partners to start with? He was second in command in this all organization and clearly he was the clever one who pull all the strings. He was guarding all of the pivital information about Providence, he had to had acces to most of the organizations money and he was controlling other operatives of Providence.

So little to no sense IMO was him injecting remotely controlled poison to his own neck. (Unless he planned to be kidnapped and not be killed by 47 and Grey). How in the world he accepted order to do that?

Why those Partners were hiding behind some Constant dude, when it should be other way around from the start? I guess that may have made sence in Janus’s time as first ever Constant becuse he had to build up his position back in time.

Or maybe Edwards is just clever enough to rule from the backseat and that was good enough for him?

Well he needed them because they had all the actual resources and power. He merely had access to it. Realistically he was probably only working for The Partners in the first place because that’s how the role worked when he inherited it from Janus. As for why he wasn’t the head himself despite running everything anyways, well clearly he wondered the same because we see him decide he doesn’t need The Partners and usurp them.

We’re told that he wasn’t onboard with this happening though. It’s also probably what pushed him over the edge into betraying The Partners because they clearly had so little respect for him.

Carlisle describes Edwards as a “secretary”. Usually rich people have someone to handle the day-to-day operations as they can’t be bothered with such minutiae. That’s why they had The Constant around.

Also Providence was all about hiding behind other people, it makes sense limiting information is a good way to keep it secure. It went Partners > Constant > Heralds > Members.

I think it was more he was happy with his station of being this powerful controlling entity until he realised he was still working for people that simply didn’t respect or value him. So he thought “Hey, I can run this whole show myself. Why not?” and betrayed them.

Overall I’d say it makes sense lore wise. Is it the cleanest? Maybe not, but that’s to be expected with a story stretching half a decade.


The Constant had no real power during his regular time at Providence, and that is also why he did not work for me as the ultimate enemy of the series.

He was only administering the power that came from the Partners’ money and influence. He is like an appointed CEO of a corporation. Appointed by the owners family to manage the business in their best interest. He himself does not own anything. The whole business is in the hands of the owners for generations.

In my eyes, he is a white collar desk clerk with an inferiority complex. Season 3 is all about his “revenge” on the higher ups that mistreated him all the years even though he often saved their asses.


I don’t think it’s about revenge. I see him more as someone who worked his way up, patiently waiting for the opportunity to take power. And when the events of the WOA trilogy gave him this opportunity, he just seized it.


That makes sense guys, thank you for answering :slight_smile:

I could see Edwards starting out being very deferential, grateful that someone as brilliant as Janus saw potential in him. Then Janus retires and he takes over but doesn’t command the same respect because of his lower class roots. At the same time, the Partners are forgetting who helped them build Providence into what it is and they start ignoring his advice, particularly with the Washingtons. I don’t imagine him keeping quiet about that from his mentee, who was still actively involved in the organization.

Then Janus dies and, while he has to disavow Janus to the Partners, it couldn’t have sat right with him that they just blithely accepted the betrayal as real. So here they are, arrogantm condescending idiots who don’t question things as long as they resolve problems in their favour. Like Vidal says, lazy and complacent. So he decides then that they need to go. Then the Gang shows up and basically hand him the perfect opportunity.

This whole game is so expertly founded on “be careful what your biases are”


Why is he subservient to these people when he does all the work? Why indeed, comrade

Annex : a scheme of Providence from the Digital book.

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