Lost access to Hitman 2 missions in Hitman 3

Why do i no longer have access to Hitman 2 missions in Hitman 3?
Ive played it before through EPIC store and through H3. What gives!?
I gave this company MY MONEY for a product and then they take it back without refunding me my MONEY!!!?? HIGHLY ILLEGAL!

This shouldnt happen… unless there was something in the EULA that i missed that i totally read.
Maybe i just rented the game? I am baffled beyond belief.

Just screaming won’t solve your problem. Please explain your situation in detail so that people can find possible solutions.

There could be many reasons why you can no longer access the contents, but you can try reinstalling the game and verifying the game file.

If that doesn’t solve the problem for you, I suggest you contact IOI directly. Visit ioisupport.zendesk.com and submit a request.

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Hey relax, i only screamed some and with good reason too, i paid money for this product and now it has been taken from me somehow! Yes, i am angry! Thats why people shout.
I really cant explain it better than i did, i think.

I. Have. Lost. Access. To. Hitman 2 missions. In Hitman 3. Used. To. Work. Fine. Now. It. Dont.

Take a deep breath, and explain calmly your issue here :


And not calmly like Dumbledore in the movie.


In the Epic Games library there’s also an option to manage add-ons. You can check if the Hitman 2 add-ons for the game are activated.


Thanks. Yeah first thing i tried was veryfying. Next is uninstalling i suppose if i bother.
This is really keeping me off from buying anymore titles on epic store and im not very pleased at IOI atm ngl.
I feel cheated and robbed.

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I understand your frustration. This sort of thing is annoying. But rest assured, you haven’t rented anything if you purchased the HITMAN 2 access pass. You continue to own it and should be able to regain access.


Well, if you’re going to react this strongly against everybody, including the people here trying to help you in a calm and rational way, then I guess it’s for the best that you don’t buy anything else from them again. Them’s the brakes, I guess. And considering the trolling nature of your posts here, which just seem to be to rant without bothering to listen to possible causes and then try possible solutions, then I’m doubting the sincerity of your claim and purpose for posting it here. If you’re gonna calm down and not jump immediately to “THEY STOLE IT FROM ME”, then maybe we can help you. If not, goodbye then.

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Just to ensure you are aware, this is an unofficial fan forum which is not controlled or affiliated with IOI. People here will try to help if they can, but they won’t be interested in hearing your hate train.

Would you be able to share some more details of the “non helpful support”? A screenshot of the message the offical support sent you perhaps?


I thanked the people here but you didnt notice that…
And i thank them again.

Thak you to all that legit tried to help and understood my frustrations.

I’ve literally tried every solution i could find including the help i got here, which again, i thanked for and support told me to verify to no avail.

I wont appologize for getting mad but i do suppose i can convey my anger in better ways…

“#¤%)&= ¤”#&?=("#¤& &(=?"#(¤?=(&(#?")#¤?)//)=#¤%= and then some!!!

As a lifetime gamer ive never had a WORKING product “removed/made unavailable” for no apparent reason and lackluster support added to that…

Im not JUST mad either im kinda hurt to be honest cause i fracking love that game.
Its easy on my top 3 games of all time. Its very PRECIOUS to me. :wink:

I did notice, and each time it seemed backhanded and inauthentic.

In my experience, support would usually reply with a list of troubleshooting steps. They would ask you to perform these and reply with the result. Have you replied to the support message to inform them that the step(s) they suggested did not work?


I did. She only gave me two steps. Check if what you want to play is installed. (It is)
And 2. Verify. (I did)

And i swear i was not feisty… faisty… i wasnt angry. :slight_smile: I was very formal, unlike here.
Cause believe it or not.
I actually do want help.

The thing is, ive already played H1 and H2 a lot through H3 so im confused as well… why would this happen in the first place? Albeit its been a while since ive been on any H2 map, still a sucker for those H1 maps. Especially Paris. Fav map easy.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this issue happen with the Epic Games Store before, on Hitman 3 and other games. Have you asked the Epic Support as well, since this seems to be a verification problem with your account?

Technology isn’t foolproof, not everything can be in your control at once.
This isn’t a malicious prank against you, specifically. Nor anyone for that matter… You’d do best not to attack IOI or others here as if it’s a personal attack on yourself. It’s a seriously misguided overreaction.


Note that nobody here is paid to help you, also the forum itself is privately owned and not related to IO. We all wish you getting the access back, but you stepped over a few lines now about how you treat the users here.

Try to completely refrain from insults, including toward people who are not here, like IO. Then we get along and we moderators don’t need to step in. :slight_smile:


Okay, so did you reply to Support to tell them that the steps did not work? If so, what has been their latest reply? If you have not yet replied to tell them the issue is not yet fixed, I would recommend doing that first and waiting to hear what they suggest.

I agree on all counts.

I wish it was a malicious prank cause that would explain it right but i know you’re right… siiiigh.


On to Epic support then i guess… frack.

I did. I gave a simple reply that i attempted the steps she suggested and that it did not work.

Got no reply to that as of yet.

Okay, so it is expected that they will reply again with additional steps. Probably tomorrow as I imagine their regular business hours have ended for today (I’m not sure they have people working 24 hrs). I know waiting can be tiresome, but it’s best to complete the process with Support to get the problem resolved.

To be clear, if you do indeed own the HITMAN 2 access pass, Support must get your access restored. Anything less would be unacceptable. Carry on with the support process and see how you get on.


Had the same issue. I purchased hitman 2, downloaded the legacy pack. Thought I could play hitman 2 through hitman 3 but couldn’t unless i paid $39.99 for the access download or hitman 2 standard. Told ioi that I already paid that fee when I got hitman 2. Asked why they double charging me. Few days later I could access hitman 2 thru hitman 3.