Hi, I’m trying to play HITMAN (2016), but I’m having really huge problems that are ruining my gaming experience.
I have an msi laptop with rtx 2060, i7 ssd, but during missions there are continual drops in fps, in some situations even as low as 35 - 40, despite having selected low details!
These problems do not occur with other games.
Can you help me? I don’t know how to solve this problem.


How much memory do you have?

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It’s has 16 Gb of memory Ram. I experience this defect when for example I am in the mission in Paris, near the bar, with all those lights there is an absurd drop. In general I have problems when there are a lot of lights and a lot of shadows. The drivers are updated to the latest version.

What resolution do you use? An RTX 2060 would not run Hitman 2016 at 4k for example.

If you can’t get this fixed I’d recommend playing your Hitman 2016 content inside Hitman 3/World of Assassination. Then you can use DLSS although it currently has a memory leak that will be fixed soon.

I am playing in 1080p. Apparently there is some problem at the base, I can’t understand why. Unfortunately I only own the first version

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