Maelstrom targeting glitch? Not finding Maelstrom

I am not a huge fan of Mumbai but I am making an effort to like it.
I found the photo of the Maelstrom below the crows hideout at the beach.
Then went and investigated every target Diana gave me on potential Maelstrom targets. None of them were him, and its not loading more options. Is this a game error that just happens?
Do I just reload the previous save and redo this part of the mission?

It’s definitely a game error because that’s not normal. Restart the level, don’t reload from a save (your save might be the problem) and try again.

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Could he have fallen off the map?

Thank you, I did actually reload the save and try again. I found the Maelstrom on the 2nd potential target approached. So it was clearly a game error, but not related to the save. It very well could have been related to the save.

I have spent time in India and Mumbai is as stressful as the real thing. It will take me some time moving through that map to get comfortable with it. Oddly enough not finding the Maelstrom is something that would happen in the real India. So thats an unintentional funny on Hitman’s part.