Makeshift explosive

While I was looking around the HITMAN wiki and seeing what weapons I could use for challenge unlock ideas, I came across a page for the item “Makeshift Explosive”. After looking into the page, I noticed that it’s apparently apart of the makeshift items DLC. I personally have seen nothing of this in my game or mentioned by anyone. Is this just a bug with the DLC, or is it simply just scrapped content

I think the wiki is just plain wrong. The Makeshit Explosive isn’t listed as part of the Makeshift Pack on the Store page and as far as I’m aware anyone can make the Makeshift Explosive in the Safehouse garage by combining gunpowder and a fuse cell. (Just as you can also make it on the workbench on Ambrose Island.)


But on the Wiki page for the Makeshift Weapons pack it shows official looking renders of it like thr other weapons

Maybe they were planning on including it at one point and later decided against it and, for whatever reason, the wiki is using an outdated picture. It most definitely isn’t in the picture that’s on the PlayStation store.


I have every item because I have a 100 percent save file of Hitman 3/WoA and don’t have the makeshift explosive. The way I know it’s not a glitch is ALL the Makeshift and Concrete pack items are weapons and not tools, because you get access to the ability buy them in Freelancer for your wall, whereas the makeshift explosive counts as neither in Freelancer. So it’d be a weird scenario. I have all the Scrap items like the Sniper. I also have mastered Ambrose 20/20 because I have the molotov, which is the only place it could possibly be unlocked because Ambrose is what added crafting to the game. Which is where you get the Makeshift bomb.

It has to be cut content of some kind, then, and the wiki is wrong again which is frustrating because it’s almost always wrong, has bad UI and formating worst of all it is tied with Fandom so it’s ad central with an occasional fact slipping through the cracks.


Well at least now I have confirmation this item isn’t in the makeshift pack (I don’t own it so I couldn’t check). I wanted to design an Ambrose contract around it and being able to smuggle one would kinda have defeated the purpose.

Although obviously it’s possible that it can become an unlock at some point, in which case I’ll have to track the person responsible for it and send the ICA after them for ruining my contract :x


This was noticed when the packs went live. It was swapped out for the SMG and IO didn’t update the image before it was released.

It has since been updated though.




Take the Wiki with a good grain of salt. Alot of information on it is wrong or incoherent with everything else.