Making the perfect Silverballer replica

Yes I have. The guy in charge of the internal shooting system has disappeared and the villa engraving keeps forgetting to set up my appointment and I already asked twice.
With the engraving villa I understand they must have a lot of pressure with their clients and cost of manufacture due to what is happening in the world right now.
With the airsoft guy instead who I left my internal shooting mechanics, which can be bought new and better from somewhere else, has completely vanish. I assume something bad happen with him because he does reply sometimes on my whats app messages but refuses to answer my calls or call me back.
He manage to tell me that he closed shop and does custom works in private at his home and after that he never replied back.
So… Here is what is happening…


Well I finally got an invitation to the engraving villa. It was a very welcomed Christmas surprise and I went there yesterday.
I am very disappointed and my replica is ruined. They touched a part where I specifically told them not to and the color is not what I wanted and it seems this metal that the gun is made is not what it seems.
But I will complete it the way it is. After all I got all the pieces identical made in every minute detail.
It will be the most perfect Silverballer ever made but for me it has flaws that could had been avoided.

I will re tempt with the color once more and after that what ever comes out will stay that way. The rib sights will be attached and they found the right way to strongly keep it in it’s place.
And then it is done.
I might even sell it who knows but the price will be very very high considering what I spent to make it, time, attention, fact that the pistol used is a rare model out of production and the huge factor that who did all the work, finishes and incisions comes from an incredibly prestigious place.

Now here is one big news. Next month I will make a weapons permit. That means I can buy a real gun and used it at the shooting range.
What does that mean? Badeaguard is going to make his fucking replica on the real thing now.

But but but! It will be only inspired by the Silverballer and not entirely it.
What does that mean? Well I want to add my very own to it and change 2 lines of the Silverballer markings. Instead of EL MONTE, CA. I will add VAL TROMPIA
Val Trompia is the place where I am building the Silverballer and this place is of great importance because it goes back all the way to the Roman Empire where they extracted metal to build swords and various weapons and goes ahead till today where it became the birthplace of Beretta.
In fact in this location you mostly find iron factories because the place is rich of minerals where they extract. Among of course other weapons manufactures and gun shops.
Now I only know these small info but if you look it up on google you get everything.
So adding this name on my replica and actually make it there is a huge honor for me. Not to mention if I go somewhere and they read the name and I tell them this gun was touched by Bottega Giovanelli they would look at me incredibly amazed and probably with a bit of envy. Like they told me over there “We selected you to be our guest. Not everyone can have their work done here”
All I did was being polite and humble when I first went there and this impressed them a lot.
They told me.

Back on the real replica. It will be done on this exact gun

It is the same model like the replica I’m finishing now Colt Series 70 and not a Hardballer.
I choose and like this particular gun because the combination of the dark grey color and brushed sides appeal to me a lot and I find it to be the most beautiful 1911 ever.
There will be no rib sight but an identical rear sight and probably front sight.
The trigger will be from a Hardballer and now I need to ask the expert @Yacob if a Hardballer trigger could fit on Colt 1911?
The thumb safety and slide release will be the only thing custom and made the same way I did on the Silverballer airsoft replica. Only this time fitted for a real gun.
The grips will be used from my current replica. No need for modifications because those are actually made for the real thing.
And last what I talked earlier. The engravings which I of course have already the right size and position ready.

For this last project it will take a lot probably. The permit is cheap and fast because the one I will make is for sport use only. That means at a shooting range.
The pistol instead I want it new and it seems it costs 1800€ you add tall the custom work and that is 1000€ more plus Italy requires you keep your gun in a locked safe attached with screws on the wall but that depends of what you need. In my case something not too big for one pistol maybe 2 or 3 in time.

And that’s all for today. Will come with a new thread once the airsoft replica is done hopefully in less than 5 months.


A trigger from any actual 1911 should fit into any other actual 1911 but some minor fitting may be needed. So yes, it’ll work. Personally I would not do the swap by myself. There are written instructions and/or YouTube videos if you want to give it a try though!!!


Thank you! I will take it to a firearms shop when the day comes because I will certainly not put my hands inside a real pistol. Don’t want ugly surprises.
But good to know it fits.


How did you manage to obtain a firearms permit? I have heard they are incredibly difficult to come by in Italy.


Not at all. First you need to be an Italian citizen, second you don’t have to have a criminal record and third you just need to be mentally fit or something similar and I am all 3.
The permit I will do is for sport use that means only at a firing range and in all costs about 300€ and all there is to be done is a medical check, a one evening course and at the end a final exam that should be very easy. I guess the exam is about your knowledge or what you have learned about gun safety, how to store it and the correct way to use a gun at the range.
This permit last 5 year and every 5 years you have to renew it by doing another medical exam and that should be all.
I really can’t wait! For now I only want 2 weapons. The Colt I spoke earlier and a PPK just like in James Bond.


Remember that one piece that I left at the airsoft shop and the guy that keeps ghosting me?
That piece is the whole shooting system, a small piece actually but quite important to make the pistol functional and to hold the whole slide attached to the frame.
Well I discovered what happen. The guy was cultivating pot in his own shop and got busted. The police sequestrated everything including it seems my stuff.
I’m just looking at the very bright side that I didn’t left the whole pistol there.

These are things you can’t make up…

Speaking of which. There is another possibility to make my replica right.
There is this man from England who shares my ambition and followed my every move to make himself one too with my help of course but he can’t get anywhere the engravings the same way I have.
We share the same pistol model Inokatsu. So I proposed him something.
An exchange. I send him mine and he sends me his.
He accepted and my replica will be soon ready and the most perfect ever made.

My replica is perfect and the only one made this accurate but for me, for my obsesion with details, the alterations with the colors are not good.
Him on the other hand doesn’t mind. He will have the Silverballer and I will have my version of what I consider perfection.
And so there will be only 2 unique replicas in this world made by me, engraved by the Bottega Giovanelli and precise made titanium accessories.