Making the perfect Silverballer replica

Thank you! I will take it to a firearms shop when the day comes because I will certainly not put my hands inside a real pistol. Don’t want ugly surprises.
But good to know it fits.


How did you manage to obtain a firearms permit? I have heard they are incredibly difficult to come by in Italy.


Not at all. First you need to be an Italian citizen, second you don’t have to have a criminal record and third you just need to be mentally fit or something similar and I am all 3.
The permit I will do is for sport use that means only at a firing range and in all costs about 300€ and all there is to be done is a medical check, a one evening course and at the end a final exam that should be very easy. I guess the exam is about your knowledge or what you have learned about gun safety, how to store it and the correct way to use a gun at the range.
This permit last 5 year and every 5 years you have to renew it by doing another medical exam and that should be all.
I really can’t wait! For now I only want 2 weapons. The Colt I spoke earlier and a PPK just like in James Bond.


Remember that one piece that I left at the airsoft shop and the guy that keeps ghosting me?
That piece is the whole shooting system, a small piece actually but quite important to make the pistol functional and to hold the whole slide attached to the frame.
Well I discovered what happen. The guy was cultivating pot in his own shop and got busted. The police sequestrated everything including it seems my stuff.
I’m just looking at the very bright side that I didn’t left the whole pistol there.

These are things you can’t make up…

Speaking of which. There is another possibility to make my replica right.
There is this man from England who shares my ambition and followed my every move to make himself one too with my help of course but he can’t get anywhere the engravings the same way I have.
We share the same pistol model Inokatsu. So I proposed him something.
An exchange. I send him mine and he sends me his.
He accepted and my replica will be soon ready and the most perfect ever made.

My replica is perfect and the only one made this accurate but for me, for my obsesion with details, the alterations with the colors are not good.
Him on the other hand doesn’t mind. He will have the Silverballer and I will have my version of what I consider perfection.
And so there will be only 2 unique replicas in this world made by me, engraved by the Bottega Giovanelli and precise made titanium accessories.


Love your Silverballer! I want to start making a replica from the WoA with a WE 1911


Love your replica @badeaguard.

And just like @TheGuambra I recently got myself a Vorsk Agency VX-9 myself. Not a fan of the tall rail on top, but other than that it’s a beaut. I’m going to make a thread myself about making my own replica. I will not go too in-depth, but so far I’ve spoken with a local laser engraver/jeweler who will help me with what I need. I won’t clutter your thread. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see what you do on a real gun. I want to do that some time too. :rofl:

P.S.: I’ve popped in here and lurked in your thread since the beginning, finally now making an account. :grin:

Best, Martin


Thank you very much. Many have tried on the same replica and I think every one of them agrees that the material of that pistol is not good for engraving. My Mark 1 was exactly on that and I ended up trowing it away in the trash.

Well it is the Silverballer replica after all. Yes that bar is very very tall and looks off but in the end you get the exact shape.

Well welcome :hugs:

Oh even I can’t wait on that one. It should be done by this year. The airsoft replica is almost ready and the real gun might come a lot sooner than expected.
As I said earlier it will be inspired by the Silverballer so it will have most of the features but without the bar on top because it is not very practical besides making it look good.
Good luck with your replica. Can’t wait too see with what you come up with


I know it isn’t good for engraving but I think for the ICA19 Silverballer there is nothing to be engraved to begin with… I could be wrong tho. Also can you tell me who modeled the Grip medallions? I want a pair of them too


Thanks for the welcome and all. :grin:

Quick question. What size is the Pachmayr medallion? I had a test medallion made for the stock Vorsk grips and it ended up slightly too small.

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The same people who engraved my gun. I made a blank set and gave them to work on it engraving the sides of the logo inside making it look like it is rising from the medallion. They added black paint to fill the spaces and then a nice nickle finish to make it shine.

I honestly have no idea. Me and the girl who made the project decided it was best to make it bigger than the original in case the final product came out too small. So in this way if it was way too big the exces could be trimmed.
Instead I’m making now 4 new medallions the exact size of the Pachmayr grip with it’s screws attached in preparation of the real replica.


Smart. Looks very good!

Any chance you can give me a shout when you know the size? I always make the vector files myself but scaling is my biggest enemy. I am used to working with pixel size not milimeter for print etc :sweat_smile: quite the vector nerd here.

Edit: well quoting didn’t work. Not used to these kinds of forums I guess. Only mainstay forum I use is gtplanet.:joy:

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I bought that replica out of curiosity. You are better off to buy a real set of American Legend Pachmayr grips. The ones on that replica is just way too off.

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If you mean me and the Vorsk, yes, I know. That’s why I’m curious. I’m focusing on the slide first, then the pachmayr grips will follow. Not exactly high on funds for this project right now… :grin:

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I have loved the Hitman series since first playing H2:Silent Assassin on the Playstation 2. I’ve played the most recent World of Assassination games for years. Blood money was my favorite before then, and I really didn’t enjoy the linear nature of Absolution. I’ve been playing almost daily since before Freelancer, and much more since. H3 with all expansions/legacy packs is one of the only 7 games installed on my XboxOne onboard storage. (Everything else can go on the external hard drive but when/if it ever fails, my onbard games are my favorites). I personally think the amount of effort you’ve put into these projects is incredible and you’ve documented it in a way that helps guide other’s, like me, who want to make a Silverballer too. Thank you for doing all of this.

I’m an American gun collector, which is a bit of a family tradition. I actually inherented, along with many other peices, my father’s stainless AMT Government model 1911. With which I plan to make a functional/real Silverballer clone. Thankfully it’s been proven to be one of the well made one’s with no issues that the earlier AMT pistols had.

However, I don’t want to do anything I can’t later reverse. I plan to replace the necessary parts but keep the original parts in storage.

I have to replace the slide for 3 reasons. First because the AMT Government doesn’t accommodate adjustable sights like a hardballer. Secondly because a new custom aftermarket slide can be bought blank with no markings, which will make engraving it much simpler. Third because I don’t want to permanently alter this heirloom gun in any way I can’t reverse.

I’ll of course also need to replace the barrel with a threaded version. I DO plan to register and purchase a real .45 caliber suppressor for it at some point. I’ve previously registered and purchased .22 caliber suppressors, so I’m pretty familiar with the paperwork and process necessary to do this in the US. It usually takes 10-13 months to actually get approved though.

The extended controls should be quite simple to change out as well. Same for the Pachmeyer grips, straight spring housing, and hammer. I won’t have any new engraving done on the frame though, because that’s the one part I can’t replace (at least not in the US).

I plan to make it look very similar to yours, though without the rib. Your work on these builds is the thing that actually inspired me to sign up to this forum. You’ve given an incredible amount guidance on how to go about this and I’m extremely impressed.

I’ll probably make my own thread later once it’s done, or if I want to post updates on my own build. I don’t want to hijack your thread. But, I may post here or message you if I have any specific questions. I hope that’s, ok.

Here’s a picture of what I’m starting out with though.


Gods speed with the NFA paperwork! Do you have a shop near you where you can look at different cans before you buy? I’m in IL so anything NFA is kinda foreign to me.

Also, glad to see another person with a hardballer that isn’t a piece of junk.


Yes, I have a few here in Michigan. NFA is something I grew up with though so I’m probably more familiar with it than most. Part of my father’s collection included various machine guns. Plus, I’m personally familiar with, or have worked with, both SilencerCo and various NFA/SOT-2 shops in my home town of Charlotte, NC.

I know a surprising amount about NFA applications and law. If anyone has any questions about US NFA or “Class 3” weapons or the application process for both trusts or individual filing, feel free to ask/PM me. Basic form 1 and form 4 applications are really not as complicated as many online sources often imply or suggest.

I’m also occasionally active on the “silencertalk” forums with the same username.


Thank you for the very kind words. I love these compliments. Makes me feel really more proud about my work.

Well I assume it has a very powerful sentimental value to you and I understand this.
I believe that even without the engravings it will look just like the Silverballer at first sight so at the end all you need are the grip medallions. Like they did on the ICA Silverballer.
It is going to look really good and beautiful.

I see you have most of the parts. The trigger and hammer are the perfect match. After these all you need is to change the grips, the mainspring housing with a flat one, an LPA rear sight and the thumb safety with the slide release.
And there you have it.
On the real gun replica I will change the same things and I already had found everything I need.
The only 2 things that will be build custom are the slide release with the thumb safety and apparently my softair replica are just the right size. So that means I have to make them again but with a different inside mechanical part.

I really don’t know what to say about the silencer. Here in Italy they are totally ilegal and if you try to build one you are going to be arrested.

Oh wait for my next thread. I talked with a friend who is a photographer and we have in mind to make some very impressive photos and I have in mind a different presentation thread with lots of info and history background.


Today I went hunting for what I am looking for

I went to 2 different arms shops and they didn’t have it. But I left my contact to one of them who is looking into it to see if some shop has it in Italy to deliver. If not I have to import it from the USA.
The cost of the Colt Government 45 series 70 that I want is approximately at 2.000€ brand new and I want it new at all cost. It is going to be mine and only mine alone that I touched and used.
The accessories that I need instead are on hold on different websites. That is the easy part.


Do you guys access to the Beretta 80 X yet? It just came out. It’s a remake of the 84 Cheetahs that I believe are still made and sold in Europe but haven’t been imported to the US for a long time. The 84DD fetches a high price used here bc it is double stack so it’s got a few extra rounds. The 80x looks pretty fantastic but we can’t get them here yet.

Next time you go in ask the shop and if they have one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick it up and play with it for a min and let me know how it feels. It’s on my wish list for next time I need to get myself a gift.

Oh and just ignore all of James Reeves terrible mispronounced Italian word jokes. He thinks he’s funny.


I am so sorry but even if I did I would have no idea what to describe to you :joy: I am very new with firearms and the only thing I enjoy a lot so far is when it makes PAAAAAAAM! and hit the target.
I’m going to the shooting range today to try this time a 1911 caliber 22. Last time I shot with a 45 but it is expensive (50 rounds 20€). So this time I’m going for the smallest caliber.