Making the perfect Silverballer replica

.22 is so light and pleasant to shoot. It’s also way cheaper and less noisy. I assume you’ll shoot better with it and will like it.


Yup and today I said never again. I shot with a Colt Gold Cup and a Beretta both cal 22 and they both jammed.
In fact the person there told me to put in the mag 7 to 8 rounds. I shot 200 rounds today.
At some point I got bored and tried shooting as fast as possible. It was fun but no real recoil from the last time I shot with a 45.

50 rounds of 22cal costed only 5€

The video is from the last month.


I came too far to give up now. I am in a possession of a new airsoft Colt exactly the same as the one I am working now.
It was hard to find another one brand new but the folks in Taiwan build wonders apparently and stuff that is only available for the Asian market.

The pistol is build the same way, same brand INOKATSU, same material Stainless Steel but with my big surprise it has a darker tone color where the metal is not brushed and the difference is very noticeable.

The hammer is from my mark 3. As you can see it is way more bright than the rest of the gun.
Unfortunately this model was only sold with all the accessories black. That being the hammer, grip safety, slide release, thumb safety, trigger, magazine release, mainspring housing, bushing and recoil plug. The body is perfect as it should be and the darker color is what I was trying to achieve in my mark 3.
Should this be the mark 4? I guess yes.

Of course I am not happy with the color of that hammer. I have all the other accessories how I want them to be but that difference of color is unacceptable to me. So an idea came earlier and I found the solution.
I contacted a person who paints Warhammer miniatures and if you have ever seen the works about what this franchise’s fan base can do you know they are real pros at it.
Right now I’m waiting for a response and I am very confident this job should be easy.

In the meanwhile I’m also waiting for the other replica from England to come. I talked earlier about how I arrange with someone with my same airsoft replica to exchange it with my mark 3 and as he agreed his replica is on it’s way. After I have it I will decide which one will become the Silverballer.
But that doesn’t mean the other one will go to waste. No no, the other one will become the Blackballer.


Dude that’s incredible! I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!!

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Well it’s done. Just need to engrave which ever I decide to be the Silverballer and attach the sight rib.


.22 firearms are generally a lot less reliable than centerfire weapons like a .45 1911.
It’s mostly because. 22lr is a very dirty cartridge so it leaves a lot more residue and unburnt powder in the gun. You have to clean 22s a lot more often.

Plus, the rimfire system they use is a lot less reliable than standard primers too, so .22 bullets occasionally just fail to fire. I’ve been shooting for a couple decades and I’ve never seen a centerfire dud.

You can also reload the spent centerfire shell casings to make ammo significantly cheaper. However with 22 you always have to buy new ammo and discard all spent cases.