Making the perfect Silverballer replica


Yes, that was the idea :joy:


Well, I just put an order on a new rail front sight. Better safe than sorry.
Even if the one I left at the engraving villa is not damaged, I will still use this new one as a spare for a future project.


Just came back from the engraving villa. Final result pushed for another 2 more months at least.

Good part is that the trigger is now perfectly fit. By all the things I made I didn’t imagine the trigger could give me so much trouble.
I even left it for last because I though it was the easiest part. In the end I had to do a modification to the frame itself to make it slide in there.

This picture under is just one example of the one too many specific indication I give to achieve perfection.

Bad part is that the front sight is ruined.
I am very glad I anticipated this and ordered a new one but I will not have it until the end of this month. After which I have to go back to the villa and wait again another month maybe till they have time to shape it like the previous one.

Another part I left to polish was the hammer and the grip safety.
As I said in an earlier post the colors do not match and there is no way I can get out that exact grey color out of it like the rest of the gun. So I decided to polish them giving a silver look that goes along with the sides of the slide and frame.
Looks pretty good but I am not 100% convinced. I can make my mind only when the pistol will be fully assembled.
For now I have to go along.


@badeaguard I thought I’ll let you know here. It’s been over 2 years since I kinda put my Silverballer project aside after we talked about that Vorsk Agency VX-9 replica and how bad it is for engraving and I basically abandoned the project after asking some places about engraving it, but some time ago I came across an airsoft tech on Youtube (also in Poland) who is making markings on airsoft replicas using electroetching (I think that’s how it’s called in English), so I finally got back to the project and got the markings and medallions done on that Vorsk. It was kinda a risk if it would turn out OK due to the chrome finish (would be much easier to get the black version of that Vorsk instead of silver, because black one is just painted so it’s easier to strip the paint and then work on bare metal than working on that chrome layer), but in the end it turned out pretty good. Obviously it’s not the professional level as yours but still looks good and makes a huge difference compared to how it looked before without any markings. He also made the medallions for me by modifying the original inserts. I’m really happy with the final result. As a display piece it’s great.

Yes, I know that some details of the markings and font are off, but that’s not a big deal. And it’s not like I paid huge money for it either.


Well look at that. It looks good :blush:

The engravings are not that off. Actually it’s better this way because you can focus on them and admire it as a Silverballer. I am very happy for you that in the end you found someone who can do them.
Speaking of which, I had the chance again to touch this gun and I was still impressed how light it was and how bad it looked in reality.
But overall it’s a cool replica and almost the exact same Silverballer you see in Absolution.
They bother to make the trigger, sights and grips perfect but not the hammer and the extended slide and thumb safety.
And they perfectly did the base pad magazine too. In fact the only thing I kept from this gun was the magazine. I can still do it but that would cost over 300€ for 3D project, titanium printing and black painting. So for now I will go with this.


Another visit today at the engraving villa. I left the front rail sight for polishing and I came back for a short time with the body of the Silverballer to check the last details.
Once assembled I walked around the house with the pistol in my hand saying out loud “holly shit” numerous times.

Every time I went to visit the villa seeing just the slide and the frame only without the accessories on felt very off most of the time and I started to have serious doubts if the incisions came out good, if the size is truly precise.
Once everything was put together it felt like I pulled it out right from the game. It’s perfect, it’s incredible and so beautiful.
Still I have some doubts about some colors here and there but I will take care of that. For now it is truly perfect.

Missing just the rails on top and I want to make the finish better on the sides.

Deep engravings

The color of the titanium matches the rest of the gun.
I decided to brush the finish just on the sides matching the design from the rest of the slide and grame.

Pictures of the owner Signor Giovanelli gifting custom made accessories to the popes during the years.
Having my Silverballer made by these people is another reason this replica is so special and unique.


So I was just messing a bit with different housings (back piece of the lower grip) and I think I changed my mind about that Codename 47 Hardballer mix.
Looks so much better silver.

Hitman Codename 47 is the only one where the housing is black and I wanted to add that from it.
But I might just stick with the silver one and make another version following almost the exact design from Codename 47 a part from the markings :thinking: I was thinking about it a lot lately.

hardballer c47 backstrap

This is an old picture from my mark 3 but it checks out. On this version, if I will make it, there will be no rib sights but a real LPA rear sight and a custom made front sight following the Hardballer’s Codename 47 design which is the same from the current version but without the straight line under it.


Silver is much better :sunglasses: really gives the best Silverballer vibe.
The front is also shinny (bushing and guide plug) and so will be the rails on top matching front and back finish.
I had my doubts when I was thinking about this combination but the more I look at it the more I love it and feels perfect.


Looks lovely, can’t wait to see how it will look with the top rib on the slide. Without it it still looks like regular 1911 instead of Hardballer.

Are you gonna modify the Pachmayr grips to make the shape of the rubber part correct to how it is in game? It’s still too pointy at the top instead of being round like in game. Vorsk grips perfectly replicate the shape of the rubber part.

Btw, use black inner barrel so it won’t be visible at all when looking at the muzzle. PDI Palsonite are the top quality barrels and they have black coating. That’s what I use in couple of my Beretta replicas. Best to order them directly from PDI in Japan, it’s cheaper than in EU.


I can’t do that on these grips. After all it still remains a combination of what is in the game and what is in the real world. So I really don’t mind it.
The only modifications I did on the grips was to cut off the rubber on top and bottom to be the same as in the game and sand off a bit the wood to make it look better especially in color tone.

Original Pachmayr grips model

Modified Pachmayr grips

In game grips

This is temporary. I will remove the paint and polish it after it’s done.