Making the perfect Silverballer replica

Looks good. Any chance you can trim the slide release and thumb safety?
Just the extended part that sticks out recreating the form of the Silverballer’s

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For anyone curious I made a nice video with led light on my Silverballer.

And a small presentation of the medallion too



I just ordered a whole bunch or parts for a second build. Only part i am having difficulty finding is the grip safety.

This will be all tokyo mauri based in a guarder frame.

My we tech will be an ICA replica. This is mainly because i wont get the desired parts to fit the we tech due them being based of hi-capp specs.

I have the 3 hole trigger, grip safety and hammer coming.

My own personal collection is coming along nicely too. The 1911 still needs some work, it’ll never have the full sight rib, but various depictions also omit that part. All live firing replicas. However, the suppressor on the Glock clone is a 22 silencer on a 9mm, it fits due to using the same threads, but would be extremely unwise to actually fire in that configuration. I hope to eventually have a 9mm can, maybe even a 45 silencer someday. I really want to do the grip medallions next. I’d love to see an in-depth guide or video on exactly how the above one’s were made.