Making Yourself An NPC

An ideal feature for Hitman would be the ability for a player to be able to add himself or herself as an NPC and placed on any of the maps as well as be programmed to interact with the regular NPCs.

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How would that work? Do you select from a list of pre-existing NPCs or do you make one yourself? How would you program in interaction with other NPCs? It’s own interface?

Interesting idea, but way too much work as the image of the map maker mod idea.

However it still exist some mods that allow you to replace some NPCs face, even 47 :+1:

Such a thing is relatively doable nowadays, at least we have modding tools allowing us to do that, we can edit NPCs with different parts and create their own routines in the maps

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Maybe IO could offer to create such an NPC using photo and voice recording for a fee though such an NPC would probably only be usable in off-line mode or something otherwise could cause a flood of more NPCs then the maps could handle. And it would probably be smart to require the player submit the request via zoom or in person to ensure it’s the same person.

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Actually, it’s not a bad idea at all. I could see IOI making a butt-load of money from a fraction of the 50-million owners of the game who would want to find themselves somewhere in the game. I would suggest that IOI not tell the buyers where they are located. it would be fun as hell to run around the maps looking for yourself for a few days.

And make it optional to define your name as either your real name or your gamer tag for a little extra fee … subject to IOI approval, of course … wouldn’t want people to duplicate names or put in some offensive stuff like “[email protected] $u¢ks” or whatever

i’d pay $25 to have my image as an NPC … and another $25 to use my name


I want to be a target in a bonus mission! :grin:

Yeah well, as long as they don’t go the NFT route like some other developers did :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Here’s a few possible roles for the 2016 maps.
0: ICA hired you to impersonate your own parent during the yacht simulation.
1: You are a VIP guest attending the fashion show and auction.
2: You are enjoying a nice quiet vacation in sunny Sapienza.
3: Now this is a tricky one…
4: You are spending a quiet vacation at the Himmapan Hotel.
5: You are a…ummm…special guest of the Shadow Client and have full access to the farm.
6: A patient obviously.

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For Marrakesh I think your custom character would have been hired into the consulate and for Colorado I think the character would be a mid to high command in the base and thus would not need a uniform/

We could make our NPCs guards, it would be fun to have a gunfight or melee combat ourselves

Alternate solution that doesn’t require creating new NPCs: Your submitted face becomes the result of Jason Portman’s botched plastic surgery.

Being able to swap an existing NPC with a custom character (made out of a range of existing face models/ hair/clothing/skin tones) and renaming them sounds possible, but a custom face and custom AI behaviour would be way out of scope for a game, unless you’re willing to pay big bucks, and at that point it’s not really in the playerbase’s interests.