Marco Abiatti Poison Kill (Sapienza - Landslide)

Is it possible to get Marco Abiatti with consumed poison? He doesn’t drink the red wine offered by the waitress and also the wine in the church.

He should drink the wine at the bar near the stage. Wait around and observe a bit.


It should be possible.
He should drink vine on the square in a couple of minutes after starting a mission.
It’s included in his route, so he can’t miss this and should drink repeatedly if I remember correctly.
Though I don’t know about him drinking something in the church or wherever else except the square


Hitmaps says Abiatti drinks the wine in the church (under the bell) after having had the meeting with the priest. I don’t know if that’s a one-off or if the meeting changes his loop.

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This one should be one-off then, yes.
But he should drink on the square every time he has a chance to be there


Got his kill with consumed poison. He doesn’t drink the 1st time. He says he want something “less fermented”. The second time, he drinks the wine.


Thank you for the help.