Mark Parchezzi Glitch

If someone has hard time with killing Mark Parchezzi III, there is a cool glitch that may help you.
Before entering Oval Office, take M14 and turn on First Person mode - you will be able to shoot him after conversation before explosion. :slight_smile:


Does it work with the Silverballer?
I can’t believe it after all these years you can still learn new things.


I think it worked on PC, most of weapons did. On Xbox silverballer didn’t work, M14 did ( I didn’t try any other weapons).

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It does. I think it works with any weapon on PC (I remember trying it with an MP5, which resulted in 47 unloading the entire magazine during the knocked-down animation lol). If you enter in 1st person mode, your crosshair will be aiming directly at his head after the cutscene, and since your weapon is already aimed, you can pull off a guaranteed headshot before he explodes the mine :wink:

Funny, I thought this “glitch” was widely known. I wonder how many people don´t know he can be killed without even entering the Oval Office :grin:


Yea, I know it for years. Worked on PC everytime. I mean, killing Parchezzi can be pain in ass. Some people are planting mine in his target destination. :smiley:

Someone who plays on PC should try to shoot him with air rifle :smiley:

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