Marrakesh question!

About the consulate security key card. I was wondering is the card which is carried in from the back of the shoe shop through the tunnel and then left in the garage the same one as the card that is by the humvee/radio in the same garage or are these two separate cards, never actually seen the guard place the card down.

The card is always there if I go straight to the garage but was wondering if I knock down the guard who is supposed to place it - and skip the card will no card be down there? How does it work. Because no way he has enough time to get down there when I rush at the start of the game

All keycards you can find on the location are keycards to the Consulate.
If I know correctly, the card you can find in the garage near the radio is always there.
The guard who is going to go and leave the keycard somewhere carries one on him and actually never goes to the garage as far as I know

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So the elite guy never actually places a card?

I believe so, yes

That guard places a keycard on a table in the parking garage. There is already another one on a nearby crate in Professional difficulty, but is missing from Master difficulty.

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The table the officer is over?

That would be the one.

Oh I see, friend told me the one on the crate and near the car was the same as the one in the hallway - so there is also a card near the officer - just wondering does it spawn there if you skip the shoe store and tunnel or does that guy have to physically walk there for it to appear and place?

Which one in which hallway?

There’s the one that’s always on the crate and the one the soldier brings from the shoe shop, which I believe he does after a minute or two whether you trigger his conversation or not. (I know I’ve been sneaking around the garage and had him show up unexpectedly.)

The only other keycard I remember is the one on the lamp store roof top.

The hallway one being the one the elite guard carries from the shoe shop through the hallway/tunnel I heard that was the same as the one that appeared on the crate. But I guess he puts it on the table so crate one is always there.


Yeah, it that case, the hallway/guard one is the one he puts down on top of the table next to the officer. The one on the crate is a second one that is always there (except on Master difficulty).

Hmm that’s strange on the website with the maps of the levels the key is labeled as placed there by an elite solider when you click it, maybe on master he puts it there?

If you’re referring to Hitmaps, they also, I just noticed, are completely missing the one on the table of the Lamp Store rooftop. That one’s weird since I’m 90% sure it used to be labelled because I used it as a (self-enforced) condition for a contract I made and referred people to that site to help them find it.