Mastery levels at Dubai are gone, but the challenges are completed

I have an issue: I would not be able to reach lvl 20 of mastery at Dubai.

I started playing the game, carried over my Hitman 1-2 progress into H3 – it was completed successfully, and then I started playing H3.
I reached about lvl 11-12 of mastery at Dubai, and then it was a pop-up that my carryover process has been successfully completed… but it was already completed before, I even got my items from prev Hitman games!
After that, Dubai master level was set to 1, but my challenges were done already, so I can’t do them again to get XP and lvl up mastery lvl.

How can you help me? Is it possible to reset my challenges for me to do them again? If you can do it, please do, I don’t mind do it again since I love Hitman games a lot, this part as well. Want to get a platinum here and all the mastery levels, too, with the suits and all that.

Attaching my screenshots where you can see my progress through Dubai and see I would not be able to reach lvl 20.

Thank you in advance. Best regards.


This is probably a bug. I don’t know anything about it, but I’d recommend contacting IOI support. They’ll help you out.

I think there is a serious issue with (at least, don’t know for other levels since I didn’t played them yet) Dubai’s mastery level system.

I don’t have exactly the same bug than you but I got a similar and quite annoying one :

I played the Dubai Map once, got level 5 mastery with the challenges I completed.

However, while the game did unlock for my next runs in the map the retrieving point from level 3, the poison from level 4 and the starting location from level 5, it did not unlock the item (snowglobe) and location starting point (atrium) from the lesser two levels.

Then I did another run and get to level 6. While it did unlock the level 6 retrieving point, the level 1 and 2 remains locked !

I don’t have any clue on how to fix this and it kinda left me desperate, I haven’t played the game since out of fear to create more bugs like it that may make me lost unlocks forever since they won’t unlock in next runs on the map.

I hope IO will do something about it …


“it did not unlock the item (snowglobe) and location starting point (atrium) from the lesser two levels.” i have exactly the same thing… happy im not the only one wich means it will probably be fixed in the future

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how do you even contact IOI support? i only see some comunity members helping eachother on discord and this forum but no official ioi staff

Same thing happened to me because I played when transferring wasn’t fully done so all of my level progression is lost but my challenges of Dubai are unlocked so basically we have lost those points and for someone is really a problem because if they have completed too many Challenges before the full carry over progress they basically get stuck without the possibility to master the location… I think this is really a bad glitch and IOI have to fix this as soon as possible… I have even fear to play now and then find that I have l ost all of this gen progress back to Hitman 2 level before the transfer.

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but i didn’t play until transfer was done… i hope they can fix this sins the atrium opening is very important for about 50% of the challenges

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The transfer progression at this moment is a bit glitchy so things like this I think can happen but I hope they fix it

its stupid that they dont have a system that verifies your profile unlocks, like you have these challenges unlocked lets verify you have the starting locations and items that come with these challenges

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Yes indeed we just can hope because I have the same problem… the progress in browser page was even finished but when I restarted the game all mastery of Dubai and level earned is gone and the challenges that I’ve done remained completed so I’ve lost all those profile points because it was back at Hitman 2 level.

I have the same problem on PS5. I played some Dubai before transferring my old progress. After transfer i played Dubai again doing challenges etc. When i finished the level my Mastery went from -6 to 1. With a lot of challenges complete (Silent assasin suit only master mode etc.) i don’t see how i can ever reach mastery 20 for the trophy.

What a mess.

Yeah, agreed. The most sad thing (for now) is that I dunno what to do: play further or what.
I also have no answer not from community email nor from Discord server, unfortunately.
An afwul release is nothing comparing this situation with unreachable lvl 20, imho.

That’s my biggest issue too. I would love to keep on playing but i’m unsure what will happen if i do. Maybe other locations are bugged too or what if they revert all progress as a bugfix.
If only there were an option to start over on the same account.

please keep in touch if you have a solution to this problem.

BELOW IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME AS WELL!!! I sent them an email don’t even know who to reach out to for support but I basically cannot reach mastery level 20 now because I have completed mostly everything and my mastery level was glitched and reset as well.

Good day, I am emailing in regards to support I need for hitman 3. All my levels are loaded fine etc however, the game goes offline and comes back online while playing. This has caused an issue where I was up to maybe mastery level 13 for Dubai and while completing the escalation is went offline reset my mastery to 1 or 3 and THUS SAVING OVER my current progress while it reconnected. So essentially it went offline and while offline caused me to complete something on a lower mastery level and saved over my own data. So now I am stuck with a low mastery but I have the level complete almost to 100% completion and discovery including the escalation and location unlocks. Is there a way to review and recover my true mastery unlock? Or is there a way to reset my mastery and all levels from scratch? Essentially at this point I have everything pretty much completed but since there was a glitch for the mastery level I will never be able to accumulate enough points to reach mastery level 20. Please assist as I would like to play the game in it’s entirety and complete all unlocks.

i dont mind wiping my hitman 3 data and do the transfer over again and hope it doesn’t bug out this time…

And now it’s happened what I feared.

My discover location of Dubai trophy hasn’t popped.

Probably for the transfer bug, because the challenge of discover Dubai is unlocked but no trophy probably because I discovered some places before the transfer and some other places after the transfer.

In fact when I restarted the game after discovering that mastery was reset at level 1 the discovered locations was at 10 already but probably the ps trophy doesn’t recognize this.

I really hope all of Thisbe can be fixed

I’m experiencing the same issues. I really hope I don’t have to grind out 5 mastery levels worth of regular XP bullshit…

I also have this issue but I did wait till the transfer was done before I started playing.

I got to approximately level 10 Mastery before heading out of town last week. When I booted up today my challenges for Dubai were still completed but my mastery was reset to 1. I also have the items and starting locations from the levels I had unlocked still accessible to me.

I have the same problem as everyone else; though at least I only completed 4 mastery at the time, I may be able to salvage something, although it doesn’t look like the mastery’s even going up with each challenge I’ve been completing; I’m still at four despite doing a tonne of stuff.