Meet&Greet @IOI in 2016 (I think) - anyone still around?

Hey dears.

It’s been ages the last time I was in the realm of HMF. But back in the days, if I remember correctly, it was moving from one forums software to another. And it probably moved again after that.

Anyway. In the old forum I was registered under the Nickname “Silenter”.

Back then IOI was still working on the very first HITMAN when they had gone very silent after Absolution (which still wasn’t bad imho :))

Some days ago, I found a USB stick I thought I had lost. On the stick I found pictures and even videos I had missed so much.

In 2016 (or maybe ±1 yr) some folks from the forum were invited to Copenhagen by IOI, where we could chat with Chris & the developers and play HITMAN. I still remember that it was Travis who emailed me first. :slight_smile:

I will never forget this experience, I literally brought Up some little tears of joy when I found the pictures and videos again. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t remember any of the real or even user names of the other guys and girls that were also invited to Copenhagen.

But it was so nice to see and meet them after the many years we had already spent on the forums together - it spans way back to when we were still waiting for Absolution to drop. Man, good times.

So, anway, haha. Sorry, I got a bit lost in memories.

Is there anyone still here who was at that Meet&Greet at IOI in 2016/15?

I only remember one real name (?), and this was Sergej. And your flight had a delay so you stayed one day longer in Copenhagen.

My name is Jano, and I am from Berlin.

So, if anyone is still around here, I wanted to say “Hi!” and let you know that it was an amazing experience. Would be awesome to know if you are still here, sneaking & peeking. And a big thank you to Travis, I will never forget the moment I had read your first PM.

Stay safe @all!


A few of us are still around. It was a wonderful experience, all from meeting David Bateson while he was recording voice lines to going out for dinner with Travis and the other IO employees.

It was a lot of different communities, both HMF and Reddit members.