Mendoza challenge (estate wines) ps5

Similar to a post someone else made saying this glitch on pc it also might be on ps5 since I tried doing the challenge did not register I went to the barrel room and got the wine but did not register unless I’m doing it wrong

You have to collect three bottles of different wines for this challenge.
Did you do that?

ive heard people say that if you dont complete the challenge on the first playthrough of the mission then it bugs out and you cant unlock it

That theory isn’t accurate for all players as I didn’t get it on my first run on PS5.

I eventually got it to work on my tenth run or so.

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Yeah I did get the wine bottles in the kitchen where the 1945 grand paladin was it did not work and I’m trying to get 100% of hitman 3

But io needs to fix this how is a person like me suppose to get all challenges done if this is not fixed