Mendoza map three bottle of wine challenge

No matter what I do with three bottles of wine, I can’t get that trophy. I can get it when I change the number1618013211240

What the hell is this image ? lol
What´s the challenge´s name ?


elaborate, how do you get it? it doesn’t work for me

We don’t know the name of the challenge, that’s what @MrBurn4488 is talking about, so we can’t tell you how to get it. Just tell us its name and we’ll tell you the requirements to complete it.

Estate wines on mendoza, pretty sure it’s broken though.

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the takented mr.rieper this

This challenge has nothing to do with 3 wine bottles. I would advise you to look at the name if the challenge and look it up on youtube for a guide.

Collect three different types of wine (bottles) in Mendoza is the Estate Wines challenge and is bugged. We’re all hoping for a fix with the May update.