Merch Store 2024 edition, brainstorm

I think you have seen the new merch store by now right?
You can find it here: and there is a BOGO 50% atm (Buy one get one 50% off, cheapest one.)

But with that said, I would love to hear what people would love to see.
I am not promising anything I just want to get a feel on whats popular and not after getting some feedback on X aka twitter.

Feel to drop a idea with a printscreen on ingame item or something similar.

The coin, the pin, life size flamingo outfit… now is the time to hit me with your best idea!


My suggestions would be

A tiny remote control Kronstadt race car ( or any of the car companies in the finish line ) :racing_car:

A statue or bobble head of The iconator with a voice box and a few little flashing lights

A Carpathian Mountains toy train :tram:

A Roar flash Grenade lamp :teddy_bear:

The Burj Al-Ghazali snow globe :snowflake:

And for a joke suggestion a set of the maelstroms tapes from Mumbai :vhs:


A small Providence Pin would be nice.


More Displates of the Locations from the WoA trilogy.


That gets my vote. I always prefer something subtle that fans will instantly recognize but the general public won’t acknowledge.


I’d really love to see some of the original Trilogys Loadingscreens as Shirts or Posters. Oh and give me a replica of Lee Hongs Jade Figurine :heart_eyes:


Thank you for the brainstorming.

  • Some safehouse posters : “Fortune favors the bald”, “Excuse me, does this smell like chloroform to you?”, “The best workout is the one you finished”, and suff.
  • Black leather gloves (not driving ;))
  • An iconator / lil’ flashy / Napoleon Blownapart replicas (these are in-game explosives)
  • A map of the World of Assassination
  • A Sanguine shaker for cocktails
  • Real Kiwi toys that squeal
  • Draufgänger shot glasses
  • The Sapienza hippie’s pullover
  • An ICA briefcase
  • A Hitman chess game
  • A set of Club Hölle graffiti stickers
  • And a Grand Paladin 1945, please.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mind about the soundtrack on vinyl… I know there was a “The Class”-album but I missed out on that one :frowning:


A replica Amt Silverballer and a figure of 47 with a classic pose, like the Contracts/Absolution with his guns crossed across his chest. Also I would like to see the removal of all rubber ducks and their relation to Hitman. Maybe even from the fan base collective memory? Might be a big ask.

  • the ICA coin is a must
  • a t-shirt with the racing teams that are in Miami
  • squishy foam fire extinguishers, fish, and muffins? (they had those at Gamescom for H2 and i’ve wanted one ever since lol)

also had this idea from a while back:


Hitman character’s posters, including targets.


Cool store. Also some nice suggestions above.

Here’s what I’d personally like to see in Hitman merch in the future. My suggestions:

Brainstorm ideas
  • Obligatory Official Providence pins please! Origami-shaped like in-game.

  • Merch branded with artwork featuring characters from the trilogy.

    I’m thinking shirts/mousepads/tea mugs/pins/posters/Displates/etc. featuring artwork of Agent 47, Diana, Grey, Olivia, Constant, the Partners, some of the major targets, Elusive Targets, etc.

    Merch featuring Dino Bosco’s The Icon would be really cool to see happen, too.

  • Merch branded with artwork of the many items, weapons and suits that you can unlock in the game.

    I.E a hoodie with artwork of the unlockable sniper rifles. A shirt with artwork of 47 wearing the Flamingo/Clown/Agent 17 suit. A tie stamped with all rubber duckie variants on it. A mousepad showing the weapon walls from the Freelancer safehouse. Button pins with artwork showing the “pet-themed” items such as Lil’ Flashy, Red Tie Kiwi, Napoleon Blownaparte, Iconator, Goldbrick Sedative Snail, Button pins that look like the in-game coins, etc.

  • More merch featuring the Hitman franchise’s iconography, along with in-game logos, brands, organizations and companies, etc.

    For franchise iconography: merch branded with recurring Hitman artwork, such as the Fleur De Lys, the Agency logo, the Providence logo, the Dual Ballers, 47’s Barcode, a sillhouette of the red tie and black suit, the logos of each game (i.e a t-shirt that says “HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY” on it), the “MALUS NECCESSARIUM” player logos, etc.

    For in-game logos/brands/organizations: merch featuring the logos for things like the GAMA Facility, the Ark Society, The Class (Jordan Cross’ band), Sanguine, Ether, Blue Seed, Kronstadt Industries and the rival racing teams in Miami, Stallion Armaments, Dr. Popp soda, Hokkaido Fowlplay, the Global Innovation Race, that kind of thing.

    I’d love to see plain shirts and button pins featuring any of these logos, for instance.

  • Posters/Displates featuring the cover artwork from all the games.

    Basically one poster/plate for each “main” game, along with the cover artwork for World of Assasination. Maybe include the covers for secondary games, like Absolution Sniper Challenge, Hitman Go! and .the mobile Hitman Sniper games, too.

  • New location-themed Displates to add to the already available ones, that depict locations we haven’t seen in Displate form yet, such as:

    the two ICA Facility missions (yatch and military base), the Sniper Assassin maps (Himmelstein, Hantu Port, Siberia), the Freelancer safehouse, and variations of the regular maps (i.e Nightime Bangkok from Patient Zero, Sapienza in the afternoon from Landslide, Dartmoor during the Garden Show, Hawke’s Bay during Orson’s halloween escalation, etc)

  • Posters/Displates featuring the “key” artwork of the Seven Deadly Sins missions.

    I.E a Sloth displate/poster featuring 47 sitting in the lazy chair, a Greed Displate/poster showing 47 surrounded by the coins and the frog, an Envy Displate of 47 in his all-green throne, etc.


I love replicas of actual in-universe/in-game objects. Like the Rubber Duck that is currently available and the long-requested Providence pin.

I personally want the Professional/Master pin from the difficulty menu.


A crystal, acrylic, or resin light with a 3D laser etch of the fleur-de-lis symbol. Maybe it could be a nightlight, or a battery or USB-powered light for your desk or to put wherever you like. You could also change the color of the light or set it to cycle.

Maybe an alternative would be the IOI logo. Or the barcode?.. :thinking: Or a 3D laser etch of crossed guns with silencers. That will always be set to :green_circle:. :grin:

There are 1911 replica toy guns available with recoil action when the trigger is pulled (they can also eject small shells with foam or rubber bullets). But a proper version for Hitman merch would have to be colored silver/chrome or black. As nice as this sounds I highly doubt such a thing would ever happen. Mainly due to potential legal issues if they’re ever misused or mistaken for actual guns and anything unfortunate occurs. :cry:

Just putting that out there in case something CAN be done. And of course, they’ll need silencers!

Or maybe the Ducky versions. A little 5mm ducky gun that squeaks or quacks when you pull the trigger! :joy:

Edit: Or maybe not if that’s still too… I dunno, naughty?

And speaking of guns… Maybe miniature replicas of a couple of the sniper rifles. :man_shrugging:


All I can say is that you’d make lots of fans extremely happy if you could push for the launch trailer version of Champions of the Wild Side to be released… We’ve been waiting for years. :sob:


chibi version of hitman characters as keychains


Thank you guys,
Have summarized a little and given some feedback to the team!

Super valuable points and some of you wrote in depth posts! extra thank you for that level of efforts!


I know this thread might’ve served its purpose… But, as Columbo usually says…

Just one more thing…

I’m sure it won’t/can’t happen, but just putting it out there. :smiling_face:


I’d like a 0,35L mug with HUD icons of various weapons surrounding the “HITMAN World of Assassination” name tag. Preferably a black mug with white icons. :coffee:


Seeing this thread again (and danger_dog’s neat idea) reminds me of an idea I had for stickers of equipped/non equipped objects. Ideally, it would go in the corner of a car window or laptop so it looks similar to the in-game HUD