Missing Achievement

After transferring my progress to hitman 3 I got 30 achievements. However I am still missing the achievement for completing all challenges on “crime and punishment” I completed them in hitman 2 and all of its challenges are marked as completed because of my transfer. I still don’t have its achievement though and can’t unlock it as there is no more challenges left to complete on that map

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The achievement/trophies related to challenges should be transferred. Only achievement/trophies related to scoring and SA don’t get transferred. I got my achievement after carryover, so probably something is wrong. Hopefully, IOI fixes this soon.

Yeah, that does sound like a bug. I had 31/36 achievements unlock. The only 5 that didn’t are SA on the three maps and 1M points on the prison and dockyard maps; there doesn’t seem to be a 1M point achievement for The Yardbird. However, initially two of my other achievements didn’t unlock automatically: Mastery level 20 in Sapienza and New York. I had to quit and restart H3 and then they unlocked.

If it still doesn’t unlock, then maybe try completing the prison map. Maybe at the end, the H3 engine will notice you’ve got all the challenges and unlock the achievement for you?

Then explain why I got the same achievement for a different sniper assassin map. Note I’m NOT talking about the points achievement or the silent assassin achievement i know those dont. Im talking about the challenges achievement. Every challenge on that sniper assassin map was completed before transfer and all of the challenges stayed complete on transfer so I have none left to unlock but not the achievement for completing the already unlocked challenges

Thanks for the suggestions however I posted it here because both of those didn’t work

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