Missing downloadable content and maps

Hello i have bought hitman 2 gold edition from PS Store but most of hitman 2 mission are not available even i have downloaded all the additional content still missions like Miami and Mumbai are missing

Hitman official player support


What platform are you playing on?

Basing on this, I suppose Play Station

I was falling out on myself last night and I feel stupid reading this. The better question is whether it is PS4 or 5.

If 5, hit the options button on the H3 thumbnail on the main XMB. Select “Manage Game Content.” It will pull up a full list of the DLC you have for the game, including levels. You can trigger downloads from there.

PS4 has something similar, but I think you have to go into the library

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Fell asleep. On PS4, go to the HITMAN 3 thumb and use the analog stick to go down and over to "Your Add-Ons

Open that and it is basically the same as what you saw for PS5.

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