Missing NPCs in Bangkok: The Source

I’ve been playing some modded scenarios that have all NPCs as targets, and I found something strange in The Source (Hitman 3 version). By the time I got to the end of the mission, two of the NPCs were seemingly completely missing from the level - no instinct highlights, no “searching” reaction to random gunfire, nothing.

The NPCs in question:

Erica Marcantoni

Pawel Stanton

I got these portraits from the internet - I never actually saw these NPCs in the level. Nevertheless, they are listed in the targets list and they’re also found online as NPCs included in the level.

Has anyone ever actually seen these two in The Source? If so, where, and how could they have escaped? If not, are they somehow invisible/invalid NPCs that have entries in the mission’s character list? I really want to get to the bottom of this.

Contract ID if you want to test it for yourself: 1-16-0107662-34 (Steam, Hitman 3)

I presume that there the NPCs that are on the little islands off the map? If so you need to shoot them

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I did shoot the one dude who’s on the little island just to the right when looking out toward the pier. I’m not aware of any more far-flung NPCs though. Are there more than that one guy? They didn’t show up on instinct, but he did.

It’s a bug in the contract.
Those two targets are near the pier.

However, eliniminating them does not register.

I’ve messaged the creator of one of those contracts, where everybody is a target, in December. But they weren’t able to help (I haven’t checked in a while though).


Oh wow, thanks for the thorough documentation! That explains everything.

I wasn’t able to find anything about it from googling their names, but hopefully this thread will pop up in other people’s searches.