Mississippi River, DEATH ON THE MISSISSIPI (Mission #7) - Discussion Thread

WoA-style discussion thread for DotM from Hitman: Blood Money. Post your experiences, takes and things you discovered about this mission here.

Welcome to the Mississippi, 47. A local gang known as the Gators handle the distribution of drugs up and down the Mississippi. The Gators move their merchandise on a tourist riverboat. Our client wants you to shut them down. Your job is to eliminate the six Gator crew members and their boss. The client also wants any documents you find in the boss’s safe, which is somewhere on the upper deck. The Gators stay in their private area on the top two decks of the ship. Access to that area is limited. We have no other information. Keep up the good work, 47.


  • Eliminate Skip Muldoon
  • Eliminate all Gator Gang members
  • Retrieve the pictures
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Of every mission in Blood Money (not including Requiem and Death of a Showman) i always found this one the worst, every mission is A+ in Blood Money, except this one with a B.
Other than Silent Assassin i never really found how else the level could be played, interior of the ship is kinda ugly, and there’s a lot of wasted potential.
Zombie easter egg makes up for it i guess.

you’re welcome

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I love the Mississippi missions but I can understand why people would dislike this mission. There are so many targets. The exit location is weird.

But I love that mission because it is so fun and satisfying to drop bodies or push people off the ship.

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Then I have something amazing for you. This mission has a secret zombie mode.

To activate it, do the following;

At the start of the mission, go behind the main stairs, up onto the catwalk behind, and take the first left door. You’re on the second floor of the engine room, now throw a guard down the far right side of the railing and a member of the Gator gang down the far left side. Now people will act like zombies. They will walk slowly, hit you when you’re near them, and walk zombie-like (the same animation that happens when a character drags a body). They can be killed but after some time they will rise again, unless shot in the head.

Apologies if you were already aware :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


For me, this is one of the most fulfilling contracts in the entire game. I find the targets to be pretty hateful for many reasons.


I really wish there was a boat mission in WOA. We do have that tutorial mission but it’s not the same. I want to push people into the water.

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