Mobile (and desktop?) background image

Hey members and mods,

I noticed that there seems to be a image of Ken Morgan (?) in the background of every thread. This makes it somewhat annoying to read all text on top. Is this intentional? See image below

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From what I have noticed each category has a different background image.So,this background image is used only for site feedback topics.
And by the way,that is not Ken Morgan. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is 47 killing Mark Faba with a pen.

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It’s at its worst on the #off-topic category. It’s very difficult to read the suggested topics here.


Is there any way to disable those background images?
Not very convenient as it overlaps the service text.

Well, and looks not that great overall

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Tweaks will still happen to make it all work. The semi-opaque view of OP is intentional, but if this makes it still hard to read we will see how we can improve it.


What does it mean?
Those background images are not semi-opaque.
Old clean-white background looks better.
At least it should be an option to disable them

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The grey is meant above the background image.

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Please remove those background images in standard setting. It makes it hard to read stuff and laggy as the picture gets reloaded when scrolling.

Readability and usability should be first priority over design.


I don’t see any grey, I see only those background images that look not that great.
Screenshots are good themselves, but they does not look good as a background images here.
White background looks better

I have a different problem with the background. These giant white boxes make the dark mode kinda painful to look at. Or maybe I am missing something and they can be turned off?

Try using the Hitmanforum Night theme, right above the Color Scheme settings.

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Thanks, it fixed the issue

Yeah the default theme has different problems with all color schemes. With the night theme all texts are readable.

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On the mobile version the top left home button is just plain white; it’s as if the image file is missing. I’m using an iPhone if that matters.

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Same. Android.

hey, the background image has been removed for mobile. however, it doesnt seem to stop the lagging.

tell me if the lag has stopped or is still lagging. thanks :slight_smile:


lagging is mostly gone for me now. The posts get loaded and displayed smoothly.

Minor thing that still seems to lag behind is the small popup that indicates that you are currently at e.g. post 60/74 when scrolling down.

Another notice: the field on top left that brings you back from a topic to the forum main view is working, but has no image, it’s plain white. I click on the white space because I know the field is supposed to sit there…

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Was just gonna ask about this, they’re still there for me

Don’t really cause a performance issue but do look worse imo than the old plain colour backgrounds


They do appear, but rarely; most of the time there is no background

I don’t think it’s a rarely thing, it depends on the flair. Wishlist and Hitman General (at least for me) always have background images

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