[MOD] Freelancer Variations

Just a heads up. It seems that @musicalmushr00m 's “Signature Suit mod compatibility fix for Untouchable” is incompatible with newest release of this mod (it crashes the game while loading Romania map in Freelancer).

Disabling it fixes the issue (not sure if there’s any way to make them work with each other).


Fixed in v1.1.1.
Update through SMF.

Special thanks to @AnthonyFuller.

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Very impressive work, on the train in particular but also in general on this mod! I only recently started using mods and regret not doing so earlier!

I had one crash to desktop on Romania but couldn’t tell if it was the afore-mentioned NPC issue. There were alerted NPCs at the time at least.

Otherwise, I only noticed a few minor visual things:

A reward crate clipping into a weapons crate

Some chains hanging in the air

The snowmobile stood upright when I initially passed it, but when I later turned back it was on its side (the exit was still working though)


Whoops, forgot about the floating chains. Will put these on the list and see what I can do, hope you enjoyed the map otherwise


I did indeed. I think gameplay on the train can be quite interesting, especially when you go for the optional and Prestige objectives.


I made sure the targets can be SA’d in at least one reasonable way. However all will not be so reasonable to do objectives like hide target bodies :flushed:

Here is @volvomodus video on the Passenger Train variant for those not on PC


1.7.1 - Passenger Train Mini-update


  • Added 16 vanilla NPCs I forgot about as Territory Takedown targets (Total now 60)
  • Removed floating chains near office
  • Moved bad stash in office
  • Fixed snowmobile bugging out
  • Possible fix for NPCs teleporting onto train roof? (Let me know)

No JSON update required


Thanks for fast update. Looks like it fixed the issue… partially.
Now I’m able to play Romania in Freelancer but not in regular Campaign :sweat_smile:
Thankfully I don’t care about main mission but it’s still weird why it works like that :thinking:


For those who have played, how would you rate Passenger Train as a Freelancer (Territory Takedown) location?

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1.7.2 - Peacock Fix

Fixes Peacock plugin option


1.7.3 - Various Fixes

Now live, no point me repeating the link above

  • Romania: Can now throw bodies off the railings near Constant’s carriage
  • Romania: NPCs with duplicate IDs now fixed
  • Romania: Supplier rotated to face you Nope, he still won’t face you :confused:
  • Colorado (The Vector): Mandates hard brick in Territory Takedown, adds 7x hard NPCs as targets and 24x The Vector NPCs as targets
  • Marrakesh (The Brothers): No longer crashes!
  • Sapienza (Methlab): New male tourists no longer have female voices

I have no idea why I only added 7 NPCs from The Vector as territory takedown targets originally, when literally all 30ish NPCs in The Vector were designed to be killed with SA options [Please note some SA options may be unavailable with the presence of Freedom Fighters NPCs]


You are great, as always good job.

Encountered a weird thing on the train: I had a single target but two NPCs were red in instinct (sorry it’s just a photo - screenshotting while using instinct didn’t work).

Both counted as target in that I was able to get the distraction objective with NPC A and the kill objective with NPC B. A stopped being marked red after killing B and I was able to exit the mission normally after just that one kill, so it didn’t create a real issue.


similar thing exists in Mendoza, two party guest leaning on the railing in the main winery reception area with the vats, near the stairs to the cinema are linked as targets. wonder if it is a consistent thing that can be replicated in the train case, because of some attribute both NPCs share, or if its just a random bug.


Thanks for letting me know, I thought I addressed the only instance of that happening but looks like not. At least now I know to look for someone in the kitchen who has a duplicate ID :thinking:

There might be more :grimacing:

This is what happens when you make 50 copies of NPCs while making a map :sweat_smile:

For anyone STILL having installation or configuration issues with this mod (Probably no one in this thread) I made a new video so people stop leaving me comments on Nexus :weary:


Hmm. I’ve never done the ‘Upload’ to the picker site whenever I wanted to change anything. Just downloaded a new file to overwrite the old one. I wonder if that was why I had issues? Oh well. I suppose I’ll never know.