[MOD] Freelancer Variations

Okay, so it turns out a hard brick I use loads three NPC bricks from the beach. The beach is inaccessible to NPCs in The Icon so they go to the closest accessible point on the map which is that road down. I have now figured out a way to get rid of those NPCs without removing the hard brick from all Sapienza variants.

Will be in next update… whenever that is (Not prioritising it atm)


1.7.4 - Small Fixes

Figured five or so small fixes is enough to put out an update


  • Romania: Mechanic NPC is no longer also selected when you get a kitchen NPC as a target, Supplier MAYBE finally faces the right way?
  • Robert Knox Guard and Crest Guard no longer search map for those men, instead they will go be sad somewhere.
  • Dartmoor: Adds Wrath boxreflectioncache to night variants, to hopefully fix indoors of those maps being bright red if they’re loaded after you’ve been playing other maps
  • Sapienza: The Icon - Poorly placed buggy NPCs no longer spawn on Alerted mode, sports car exit now works properly

You do NOT need to update your JSON for this.


I wonder if it’s possible on future versions of your mod to include other lighting variants from the game that have been sort of lost to time. A big example to me is the original Holiday Hoarders lighting was originally fully set at night, and there was originally when Hitman 2 came out this red sky variant of the Source which looked interesting. Idk if there’s a mod for this already, maybe lighting ultimate already has it? but in terms of lighting variants I only ever see the bonus missions, special assignments and escalations talked about

Like in the mod right now? :flushed:

Not interested in red Source, looks a bit ugly, and I’m trying to avoid making variants where just the ToD is slightly different… not really worth it in my opinion


oh i see, i thought ur variant just made it the vanilla version of the showstopper. i suppose i havent seen a lot of youtube videos of the mods where they directly compare. is there any let’s plays using ur mods?

TheyCallHimMuse on Youtube is the only one who seems to currently stream FV playthroughs


Had a pair of issues when playing the Romania train:

  1. I had 2 targets to take out, but 3 were highlighted (I think you’re already aware of duplicate IDs)
  2. I had a time trial prestige objective which did not stop counting down after killing two targets and subsequently failed even when I exited prior to the timer expiring.

And this was the latest version?
Can you remember who the targets were? Sounds like I’ve missed yet another one


I was on 1.7.3 - probably a false alarm.

I also recall the rotation of the loot crate in the constant’s cabin needed to be flipped 180 degrees since the interaction was facing the wall of the train (and therefore unopenable) - maybe you sorted that too.

If it was either of these NPCs then yeah it was fixed

I also rotated a container but can’t remember what one and if I bothered writing it in the changelog when I did it

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Cool, I also have this (from right this moment after updating)


The target was the mechanic who sits down in the locker room with a few locker doors you can lock pick for 2x keys and 1x disguise.

However, this woman was also considered a target and the objective finally “failed” once I shot her.

Also, while I have your attention, I’m fascinated to know where you got the guard models and voices from


That’s so weird, that should be the exact kitchen staff and mechanic combo I fixed :S
I’ll look into it some point again but not sure when


SDK 2.0 has been given an official release, meaning you no longer need a GitHub account to grab it. Anyone who’s been using 1.8 and having SDK issues, I strongly advise you to go grab it

Also I’ve now updated the variant picker website so every variant apart from vanilla ones should have a picture

No progress is being done on a mod update at the moment.


I encountered the same or a similar issue on the Noodle Massacre variant: Had four targets when it should have been only three. One of them, “Trystan Wilkinson” (white tuxedo), appeared twice at the rooftop party.

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Thanks, that should help me