Modding hitman 3

Will there be any proper mod support maybe even a workshop?
Mods and other community made changes can make the gap between the end of the trilogy and the new hitman easier as hitman 4 will likely be a while to wait and something like a map editor or crazier mods would be alot easier to make with modding tools.
Maybe A Debug Console?
A way to manipulate the loading of chunk patches even more or make mod content separately loaded?
What are your thoughts on hitman 3 modding?

Edit: I don’t expect this at launch btw just for the future maybe


I request a mod replacing III with 3 in the game title wherever it’s used.

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I request a mod that makes all the voices sound British af

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I request an Australian mod that flips all the textures upside down and replaces all the voice clips with the word bugger from this ad.

But in all seriousness - I doubt there will be a workshop or mod support for Hitman 3. IOI has been fairly consistent to being quiet to allowing modding without running into legal issues. But I doubt they will provide proper modding tools without first stating so that modding is fine or not.


I mean at least make us able to change the without forcing us offline

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Such is the issue for much other video games that don’t allow modding tools while simultaneously crippling gameplay/performance of such. We just got to work with what we got.

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Mod wish list:

  • disable Diana’s comments and hints during missions
  • replace current ost with that of BM and HC

Pretty sure Epic Games doesn’t even have a Workshop mode, does it?

In any case the answer is no, I expect they’ll be getting a lot stricter on mods, not laxer, after SOME bastard published a few ET contracts

That could be done right now by replacing Diana’s lines with an empty sound file; in fact I think someone did a mod like that but it’s not on Nexus so I’m not sure where to find it


Knowing all the amazing work the modders did with HITMAN™ 2, i hope that it will still be possible to mod this sequel, at least a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope modders get going soon with Hitman 3. I need the beard on 47 i always use :laughing:

I hope we see more modded suits and things like that

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Modded Props defenetly aren’t as hard as some bigger scaling things but depending what changes in the engine chunk patches might work differently or whatever idk