Modern emetic syringe bug; target spots you; stands in place

I’m trying to do a few contracts.

And I have one where I’m supposed to kill a target in a crowded room in Hokkiado.
I tried the Emetic Syringe to make the target be alone. I stabbed her with the emetic syringe from behind. To my surprise She “spotted me” and says “hey sir I think you dropped something” and stood there. She did not make for a bathroom nor anywhere else to vomit as supposed to happen.

Another contract “finish him”. On Sapienza. The guy near the entry who’s been hit by the
flower van is the target. Knock out the two flower guys. I knocked out the one by the van took his disguise and tried to use the emetic on the one standing over the knocked down biker. Same as above. The guy hit with the poison stood there saying “you dropped something” and did not rush off to vomit.
And a third contract also on Sapienza. “kill your wife”. Same thing which I’m now going to refer to as a bug. She goes between the wooden bench 47 starts on and the round stone bench by the tree.
I waited for her to get up. Stabbed her with the emetic. Like with the other two “sir! you dropped something” and she stands there. Not rushing to a bathroom or anywhere else to vomit.

All three of these cases have same basic outcome.
The person shot with the emetic poison syringe does not get sick and instead they spot you.
Is this a known bug and how does one deal w/ it ?

You could try using the Emetic Grenade or one of its variations instead. I haven’t had this bug happen to me.

Maybe I just need to level up more. I don’t have that item.

I guess my question now is ‘how long should the emetic syringe take to work’?
The rat poison placed into a drink or food takes about 10 seconds from drink to
action (sickness requiring a rush to the toilet).

The injected emetic seems to be delayed. And in every case the target “sees me”
and mysteriously says “hey sir! you dropped something”.
That’s what’s got me scratching my head. Should not an injection take less time to work ?|
And why are they saying “you dropped something” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So no matter how I try to use the emetic injection I cannot be “silent” even when
I injected someone ALONE they “spot me” with same dialog.

Me neither.

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Here’s a video clip. It’s not the issue on Sapienza. This one happens on Hokkiado:
(bug) Hitman 2: Modern Emetic Syringe bug - YouTube The target turns spots me and all NPCs see a “murder” and I’m immediately “hunted”. While the injected target completely breaks with the expected result of the
emetic which is supposed to send her hurling chunks into a toilet.

That’s not a bug. That is working exactly as designed. Injecting someone with a syringe is an illegal act and if any NPCs see you do it, it will alert them and they will run for the guards. In addition, it will panic everyone around you, including the person you injected, which cancels the emetic effect.

When you use syringes, you need to avoid doing it when other NPCs can see you.

Alright that makes sense.

But why does the target ask if I’ve dropped something and likewise fail to follow
the poison to the nearest bathroom to vomit ?
My being spotted should not stop the poison from it’s task.
In one of my playthroughs I stood watching the target just stand in place.
The fear action is breaking what should otherwise be sending her to the toilet which is utterly silly.

I admit, I have no idea why she asks if you’ve dropped anything, but there are certain things that break the effect of emetic poison and people going on alert and panicking is one of them. Survival instincts trump bodily discomfort.

The bug is actually in Sapienza :rofl:

So I’ve been told. HAHAHA Yeah. The bug sure is in Sapeinza.

OK. Being spotted while injecting a syringe is not a bug. To me it doesn’t make sense that the syringe would be large enough to be spotted but fine.

What about the “sir you dropped something” or “sir is this yours?” dialog?
Surely, that cannot be intended to happen?
Since I didn’t ‘drop’ anything the dialog has to be a bug.

I’ve even heard this dialog when I was successful in silently injecting someone.
Before succumbing to the emetic effect the person injected will say something odd like “is this yours?”.
It’s as ludicrous as anything else in the game but I cannot believe it’s intended.

Once in Marrakesh I injected one of the elite guards upstairs with the syringe with nobody around and he saw behind himself and compromised me

That happens with great regularity in this game. Silent knockouts or kills only “witnessed” by the target result in being “compromised” or “crime noticed”.