Mods, Customization and 3D Renders

Howdy! I created this thread for people who wanted to share custom models, edits, modifications and the rest related to improving a game experience with a more customized touch.

Personally, I wanted a proper space to share that my Bearmon is now officially part of the GMod scene!!!

Here’s the link to dowload the model for all of you who wanna play GMod as a King Bearmon with Chemical Engineering studies. Hehe : Steam Workshop::Digimon: Ursam (Bearmon OC)

I hope you all feel free to share your own insights and what not that make your favourite games more enjoyable, since who doesn’t loves some personalization.

And yes, even the Lady Dimitrescu mods.


Finally got other update fron the 3D sculptor and says my Bearmon is finally ready for 3D printing!

Here’s the model how I sended it to them, not fitting for 3D printing:

And here’s the revamped design made specifically for 3D printing. Hope to see lil’ Bearmon printed really soon!


My Bearmon has been 3D printed!!! Haha

I’m so happy right now. Some few days and will be painted and ready to ship from Russia. An amazing job by Dwarfworkshop. They also were the ones to fit the model to be able to be 3D printed in this smooth quality.