More realistic NPC behavior

NPC behavior needed to be updated for more realism such as no returning to business as usual after a dead body was found or murder witnessed, NPCs no longer will open a locked door if your standing right in front of it (such as the apartment building with Safehouse in Landslide), NPCs will remember the barcode tattoo, NPCs who finds a body stripped down to boxers becomes an enforcer for the relevant disguise, etc.


Guards who quit after seeing 47kill multiple other guards in a shootout like “Fuck this job, I’m out!”

NPCs not resuming thier normal routines after being shot.

NPCs noticing 47 is the only white guy who suddenly works there (white waiter in Bangkok, orly!?)



Im think that some guards should start crying after seimg his friend get shoot should shoting while crying im think that would relly humanizes them

Im think that the game that makes the best feling that the npc are human beens ks hitman contracts

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I think if we kill a NPCs friend or love this NPC should mourn and head away to plan the following steps after which we then could attend the funeral, comfort the family, become friends. The target’s parents are also there, but the recent death and drama damaged their already instable marriage even more. The mother feels safe with you, more and more, day by day. You won’t get any speedrun records, but after some time, you are the target’s new daddy. And now – now his time has come. He was a bad boy, he gets grounded. Now it’s only you and him, alone in a locked room.

Then again, maybe the NPCs’ behaviour is a fine balance between realism and gameplay, who knows :confused: