Mortal Kombat Trailer - It's worth watching

Before the trailer: What is this nonsense?
After the trailer: I’m ready MK. I’m ready.


Feels like CGI has finally caught up to what a movie like this needs to not be a B title.

I’m really not excited. The Scorpion costume looks mediocre and the Kano eye laser looked incomplete. Since this guy “Cole” is an original character, it’ll be hard to get invested in his story beecause audiences will just want to see the characters they know interact with each other, not with this guy. It’s also getting kind of tiresome to see Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight again, but since they never had a good fight in a film (fuck you Mortal Kombat the movie 2 whose actual subtitle I forgot), I guess it’s justified… Raiden also looks pretty bad, and I don’t know what the hell they were thinking with Mileena’s design.
I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not invested in it because I’m not that much of a Mortal Kombat fan, but it doesn’t look good or interesting. I feel like the main problem it has is that it seems to take itself too seriously, and… I can’t get invested in it. The original MK games, while they had a serious story, fully knew that they weren’t inherently serious. The over-the-top violence, illogical Fatalities and other aspects such as Friendships showed that the Midway crew seemed to have fun making them. When a movie like this one shows up, I can’t help but think that it’s not going to be “fun”. It’ll have some silly moments, I’m sure, but not like in the original games. They won’t be there because the filmmakers geniunely were having a blast with it. It won’t be able to capture that jovial, American 90’s feel, especially with such a boring color pallete and a story noticeably separated from the original.
I hope the movie is good, though… but this trailer doesn’t inspire confidence.