Mouse and keyboard controls on console

Hi all

Does anyone know, or is able to check, if there are mouse and keyboard controls on console - particularly Xbox Series X?

I just had an op on my thumb so can’t play with a controller for a few months. Would be a big ‘hand’ if there was an option to use a mouse.

Hello, fletchwonuk. I don’t play on Xbox, but not to my knowledge that HITMAN 3 supports keyboard and mouse input on consoles. You can check the website here, although I didn’t see H3 on the list. Nonetheless, I hope your hand gets well soon.


Thanks, and you’re probably right. I’m just checking as lots of developers/publishers don’t announce it as a feature yet it’s implemented.

My hand is getting better, but my gaming itch gets worse!

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Can’t blame you! Enjoy Hitman 3!