Move Controller support in VR mode?

I tried the new VR mode a little bit and found that Move Controller wasn’t supported, which basically killed the immersion for me. Are there any plans to support Move Controllers in future updates? Or VR mode will be left as is?
Also, the continuous movement made me feel sick very quickly, it would be nice to have teleport movement, which I guess would also be essential if Move Controller support were to come.

Probably not. If anything, I imagine that they’d provide support for the next gen VR. The current one is pretty dated.

The move probably never. PSVR2 and it’s controllers are likely i think , especially considering code for the Oculus controllers has been found in HITMAN 3 already.

I haven’t heard about this. Do you have a source? If so, it could mean that PCVR is going to be a thing.