Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

Saw Guardians 3, thought it was excellent, basically agree with everything @TheChicken . I only cried like 8 times during it.


Do you know of Marvel Legends show on D+? recapping the MCU before major films come out? It’s still a thing.

There can be a bit too many episodes sometimes (GOTG3 got six, for characters who mostly share plenty of scenes already)
However, the Peter Quill, Gamora, and Rocket episodes are the most comprehensive and it looks like the editors had the most fun with.

Figured I’d share since they’re great, they’re putting them on YT now too

Gamora | Marvel Studios' Legends - YouTube

Rocket | Marvel Studios' Legends - YouTube


Ooh, okay, note for self, but also tip for other people: If you want to experience the special 4D Seats at a movie theatre (the ones that shake around with action movies), it seems that if you sit just 2-3 rows ahead of those seats, they’re usually strong enough to vibrate your seats by-proxy.

We saw Guardians 3 just a few rows ahead of the seats at the back – the red seats that shake – and with every action moment in the film (and even some trailers before the movie) our own seats could be felt vibrating with events on-screen. But not because of the sound! No, it was no IMAX thing, just a regular theater venue.
Honestly kinda improved the experience, without having to pay or experience the full thing…


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s one wild, sexual, goofy musical movie that is “enhanced” by a sing-along, comment-slinging audience participation cult following.

It’s a movie about a mysterious doctor in drag who keeps two humans captive at his castle after their car breaks down. He then performs various sexually-charged experiments on them and his other patrons that are there… uhhh it’s a lot to explain to sum it up concisely.

Tim Curry plays this mysterious doctor, in a very revealing costume complete with fishnets and tall, high heels. He puts so much lustful energy into the role and embraces the gender-freeing persona that Dr. Frank N Furter emodies. It’s a really good performance.

Much of the ensemble also does a fantastic, weird job at being his servants of the house, but really, you’re here for Tim Curry strutting around the place.

We attended a “sing-along” version, and apparently this movie (and the musical its based on) is notorious for having a bunch of inside jokes to call-out and reference throughout the show.
Whenever Brad or Janet appear on screen you’re supposed to say “Asshole!” or “Slut!” respectively, as foreshadowing to things they do later in the film.
Whenever the Narrator appears you’re supposed to boo and make fun of his lack of visible neck in his suit, as he really drags down the movie for random appearances.

There’s also plenty of line or choreo set-ups for the truly die hard fans.
“Say something in French!” an audience member says, as Tim Curry ‘replies’ “Enchante” in the film… Or, “Show us your ears!” in a scene just before a character turns-to-profile, and strokes the side of their hair.

It’s very wild and at times I felt like I was in a room where everyone but me was on an inside joke, but there were plenty of comments and zingers to be flung throughout the film that kinda enhanced the experience and really showed how crazy of a CULT hit this production is… It’s cool and impressive how this wild thing even got made lol.


Decided to take a gander at the Live Action Little Mermaid with my sister. While I think it’s okay to revisit old properties every so often, I’m getting a little tired of companies like Disney having the need to go back and make their classics in live action especially when it’s muddled with plenty of CGI that just isn’t good compared to the Animation Cells of old that add plenty of more charm, personality, and life to a project. I think what I’m trying to say is live action Sebastian and Flounder are the things of nightmares and make me not want to go into the ocean cause they have a more realistic look to them.

Uhh, the story is bloated. They managed to take the story of the original and make it a whole 1 Hour and 2 Minutes longer than the original. Within this extended cut you get a lot of weird and pointless scenes that could have been left on the cutting room floor. There is one scene involving Ariel in her grotto that’s especially pointless and pads out the run time. Exposition is really my biggest complaint here cause it’s just a time waster and again extends the runtime aimlessly.

Performances were fine, Prince Eric was handled better in the original. Ariel’s actor was good outside of a few choice like deliveries. I can’t blame the actors since they did their job. I do feel like character wise I prefer the originals film handling of the ending with the ship set piece revolving around a specific impaling scene. This time around the roles are reversed, but I’m a sucker for full circle moment cliches. It’s a change that will either stick with you or it won’t.

Lastly, one stupid complaint, but I hate how the hair looks underwater. It just bothers me and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just looks fake and I wasn’t sold in it. I’m assuming it was CGI but idk.

All and all, the Live Action Remake was okay, it has a lot of issues that mainly stem from the over use of CGI and a bloated runtime that’s just unnecessary. If you haven’t seen the original then there’s a lot to enjoy here. If you have seen it you might me more so on the fence with me about this movie.

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