Movies You’ve only Just Watched

Yes, I am reviving this thread from the old forum. Discuss films you’ve recently watched here.

Please try to give each film more of a write-up than one sentence. Simply going “I just saw X and thought it was good.” isn’t recommended.

I’ll start.

Crocodile Dundee (1986)


Crocodile Dundee is the action/adventure/comedy that started a short-lived popularity of Australian media in the world during the 80s. The titular character is a crocodile poacher / outback survivalist who gets brought to New York by an American reporter who wants a story. The film is 80% fish-out-of-water comedy.

I saw this yesterday for the first time in a loooong time (I think I might’ve been a kid when I saw it last), and I didn’t remember it being quite as funny as it is.

The character of Crocodile Dundee really is quite entertaining to watch, and a large part of that is the charm that Paul Hogan brings to the part. There’s plenty of little visual gags that I don’t think I ever caught while watching this as a kid.

It contains some really memorable moments that have been quoted/referenced to death over the years, like the famous “That’s not a knife… That’s a knife” bit.

In my opinion Dundee’s charm doesn’t quite manage to carry the movie all the way, and the schtick gets a bit old before it’s all over.
You can also definitely tell that the film is from the 80’s from its view of women and trans-women. Some of it can sort of be written off as “that’s just the character, and not the movie” but other bits are a bit harder to dismiss.

All in all I’m glad I re-watched it. It was a good watch.


Can we include Short Films in this thread? 'Cause I’m gonna include Short Films in this thread.

I caught up on some Pixar Sparkshorts from Disney+ today.
(Sparkshorts are a program at Pixar where a person on one of their design teams gets to direct their very own animated short in any medium they want to explore.)

First I saw is Loop, which is the only one from last year’s collection I hadn’t seen yet. It’s a very nice (and kinda heavy) short story about a young teen (Marcus) forced to go on a canoeing trip for the day with a non-verbal autistic girl (Renee) attending the same summer camp. He has to learn to cope with the awkward language barrier between the two and her special way of perceiving the world. (if I’m saying that correctly)
Anyway, it was damn heartwarming and eye-opening. Brought me to tears. They convey the awkward tone of their interactions really well (especially through the scene in which Renee gets some sensory overload) and the playfulness of Renee’s interest in sounds and touch, in my opinion.

This one’s a very interesting production, in that they hired a young autistic teen to play the part of Renee and had her record her lines in the comfort of her own home.

As part of the 2020 slate, there’s only two Sparks this year.
The first one is Out.
Greg, a gay man who has not yet come out to his parents, unexpectedly swaps bodies with his dog just as they come over to help him move out. Leaving him forced to find a way to turn back while also keeping his parents from finding out about his secret boyfriend.

It was a very cute short. Loved the pastel-style animation (or is it acrylic? I’m not an expert on brushes/pencils) and the crazy lengths to keep his parents in the dark were fun. (Also really liked the Toy Story-Wheezey cameo as a dog toy!)
Also, also, I think – specifically – Greg might be bisexual, but I could be wrong. The mystical animals at the start and the body-swapping sequences explicitly feature the bisexual colour palette, (i.e.: lots of blues, pinks, and purples) which could be an intentional choice.
Fun, cute short that brought a big smile to my face.

The second one is a very recent addition (like yesterday recent) called Burrow.
About a young bunny who has a dream of making her own little burrow. The problem is, she keeps running into her neighbours’ place!

Oh. My. God. This short was too freaking ADORABLE!! It melted my heart, my body and my soul, and I’m so in love with it.
It’s got wonderfully-dynamic 2D hand-drawn animation that reminds me of Studio Ghibli classics. The character designs are so cuuuute. Plus, it’s some great non-verbal storytelling.
Watch this dang short if you’ve got a subscription.

I’m really bummed though that the newest shorts don’t have any behind-the-scenes extras like the first ones. Maybe they couldn’t arrange it smoothly in 2020, but damn, Disney can’t throw them or their own camera crew any money for it?

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Just saw Soul with the family.

How do I begin talking about this movie? Where do I start? Ohhhh damn.
Alright, let’s start off by talking about the question the movie itself proposes, and how that was a weird starting point. Pete Docter, the director of the film, started out with the idea of exploring and maybe answering the question “What is the meaning of life?” for this film. And that’s quite the big question to ask for your movie, let alone one aimed at kids (well, from a kids-aimed animation company). What comes out of this film is a story structure that is different to where the trailers might make you think it’ll go, and that was necessary to get the movie’s message across – to me, at least.

The long and short I’ll post here is: The movie is Pixar Animation at its best. And especially the animation part. Even if you’re gonna think this movie is mediocre, I can guarantee it’s at least a visual feast. We’ve seen the amazing photo-realistic toys and environments in Toy Story 4, and boy do they deliver that here (maybe not with the humans and animals, but those environments and now clothing are still super top-notch).
There’s a cool behind the scenes video in the Extras section (plenty of them, actually) and one goes into how they created the Soul World, especially how they had to figure out how to create something no one has ever reported on or seen. Something that really can’t be explained other than “ethereal” at best. The designs for the strange, immortal, beams of light that are just wire-frame drawings is such a cool idea!
The movie is also quite funny. Plenty of fun visual gags and humour on how real life can get. (There’s one bit where Marie Antoinette’s soul appears, and she’s just a floating head. What lovely dark humour…)
Also pretty nice to see a Pixar feature-length film with a large amount of black characters. Awesome, unique designs for all of them. (Ah, there’s one scene where Joe confronts his bandmate Dorothea Williams, and she’s wearing an exquisite, golden-sequined dress (I think), and holy moly that dress looked real. Like, somehow, they put this real fabric onto this animated character’s body. I was floored.)

And of course, it’s also tear-jerking. Made me cry twice in this film, but I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve got a feint idea, but I can get into that elsewhere. The beauty of those scenes really captivated me, so there’s that.

It’s certainly a different kind of Pixar film that not everyone might be able to enjoy in the same way, with a much more abstract and open-ended interpretation than Inside Out. It’s kinda like Inside Out, but a lot deeper.
I have no idea what amount of a message kids will get out of this movie. This is certainly for those who have lived a life and know the crushing blows of it, the spark of passion, the push-and-pull of where to go in your life’s path. It is great. The parents thought a bit less of it, and my sister, too. But I really enjoyed it, and that’s what matters to me.

(I found it odd how 10 minutes into the film, we finally get the “Disney Presents… In Association with Pixar…” title card tease… but no title card. That’s for the credits. Dang, why have they been doing that with lots of their movies lately?)


I just saw the first John Wick. I know, I know, how did I wait for long :joy:?

Honestly it was interesting and the action was good. I really appreciate the technical stuff like showing him reloading and even having him run out of ammo. Even just holding his weapon in towards his chest/abdomen when he’s inside a building with lots of 90° corners (so you can more quickly change where you are aiming without having to swing your arms around). I think I have only ever seen that before in Miami Vice, but Michael Mann is another guy who likes technical accuracy. The story is still incredibly far fetched just like die hard or any other action series though. John Luguiziama popping up as a small part was fun, same with William Dafoe. I hope they are both in the sequels. I also see zero ways John wick could actually carry that HK pistol with the compensator on it AND another 2 firearms on his waist. The HK is full size and he’s just not big enough to hide that kind of weapon in a suit when he’s got another weapon on the other hip. If he wore baggy sports team kit and a hoodie maybe, but it’s a movie.
All in all it was fun and I’m sure at some point I’ll see the sequels. Edit: ultimate lesson… don’t hurt a :dog: doggie.

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Saw this a couple of days ago, a gritty take on Santa Clause. So Santa is kind of down in sprites because most of humanity basically sucks ass (like in real life). There are far more people on his naughty list then nice and he sends them a chunk of coal instead of whatever their X-mas wish is. Problem is that doing this year after year has been hurting his business almost to the point of bankruptcy. The military offers him funds in exchange for his services in making and shipping their hardware, which surprisingly isn’t weapons and he reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile one of the little shits he sent coal to hires a hitman to kill Santa. Good performances from Mel Gibson and Walton Goggins in this little comedy action movie and pretty entertaining all in all. :+1:

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That looks like a fake movie and it reads like one. Like in a comedy movie when they create fake movies, this is one of those movies. Like it came straight out of the opening of Tropic Thunder or a GTA game.


All the more reason you’ll love it.

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i balled my freakin eyes out at soul the other night. hit too close in a few places.

also, the soundtrack is stellar.

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Not fake. It just reads like a Steven Seagal or Hulk Hogan movie. D list action. I’m glad Naz liked it though. Any one remember Santa Clause with Muscles? I saw it opening day in cinema and it was so terrible it was pulled a day or two later. I was 6 or 7 and loved Hulk Hogan so no making fun.

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You mean Santa With Muscles? I know it exists for some reason but I am not watching a film starring Hulk Hogan in it in fact most films starring sports stars can be safely avoided. Like Suburban Commando, Steel, Kazam, Space Jam et al. Oh unless you are Game of Death of course

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I’m from Chicago dude. Not liking Space Jam is likened to a felony. Suburban Commando!!! I haven’t heard that in years! Again, I was under 10 but I loved that movie. It’s so bad though. Hulks best one was Thunder in Paradise and it was only marginally better than awful.

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I’m from Chicago too and I’ve never even seen Space Jam. I really, really hate basketball so I never saw a point in even trying to watch that movie. Now not liking the Blues Brothers and being from Chicago… that’s a felony.

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Few days ago I watched TENET.
Didn’t understand anything.

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You’re from chicago? That’s awesome. We have 3 or 4 of us then! I’m feeling a meet-up once the virus is less of an issue. By then it should be warm again.

Originally, you bet. Haven’t lived there in about 5-6 years now but I spent my time in the Windy City. I would kill for a Billy Goat Tavern burger some days.

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Love Billy Goats. I’m in South Loop so that’s not too far from me, but I’m always at Ohare so I usually get my fix there. It’s 95% as good as the downtown one.

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I saw John Wick 2 and 3 this weekend. 1 was the best one. The plot in 2 made sense but I found 3 kind of boring. I’m sure in 4 Wick will now have to go after the high table itself and this will lead to the NY hotel and the bird guy helping him in order to be there when the power structure is reorganised.

Just finished the Apollo 11 documentary. It’s a fantastic film that uses nothing but archive footage to chart the week of the moon landing in 1969. There’s no narration or interviews or anything, just NASA and period footage with mission control audio and a touch of period news coverage.

It’s visually breathtaking, especially considering everything you’re seeing is 50 years old (not to mention my crappy internet connection :grin:), and even though you know how it turns out, the tension as they’re pulling off maneuvers that have never been done before is gripping.

My one quibble is that I found the score a bit intrusive at times, but otherwise a great minimalist documentary. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the moon landing. :+1:

I watched the 1999 film Being John Malkovich tonight and it’s quite possibly the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen. But it’s good, quite good, in my opinion, all because of how much it rolls with the weird.

Let me set it up for you (as best I can – explaining it is not going to do this movie justice) Craig Schwartz, an unsuccessful puppeteer, signs up for a filing job at an odd company – its located at the 7th-and-a-half floor of an office building where the ceiling is only 5-feet tall. There, one day, he finds a literal door that leads straight into the head of the famed Hollywood actor John Malkovich.

It’s through this strange door that he and many others discover things about themselves they never knew, find passion, find success, and a new view on life itself.

It’s a very surreal film with nice themes of introspection.

To get into spoiler territory, Lotte discovers she might be trans, as she feels more comfortable being in the body of a man. Craig’s love interest Maxine finds herself to be bisexual as she develops a lust for romance with Lotte while in Malkovich’s head, later finding love with Craig in Malkovich’s head, and Craig himself finds a platform of power and success he can use to launch his puppeteering career. And for a 90s film, it ends up being pretty progressive in that it ends with a lesbian couple finding each other and driving off to better pastures.

Stand-out moments have to be the Malkovich-Land sequence in the middle of the film and the Malkovich-subconscious chase near the end.
This movie is freaking weird, and none of this would have been possible without everyone saying “Yes” to just going with it. I don’t know who convinced John Malkovich to be in this film, but I’m glad he signed up for it.


I watched “The Dead Never Die” or something like that and I can say, without a doubt, that it’s one of the worst movies I’ve seen. Specifically, one of the worst comedies I’ve seen.
It surprisingly has some famous actors in it, like Adam Driver and Donald Glover, but that’s its most redeeming quality. And sadly, I can’t really say they did a good job.
So in the movie, the Earth moves away from its course and this causes the Moon to act strangely and make the dead rise as zombies during the night. Oh, and it always takes much longer for it to be nighttime.
The setup is… decent if you read it with a summary like mine, but what happens in the movie is awful. The movie takes place in an American town whose name I can’t remember. Some weird lady shows up, and she’s the owner of the cemetery, or something like that. She also prays to Buddha (or at least it’s implied) for some reason and she’s great with a katana, for… some reason, too.
Once the dead come back to life, the movie truly begins. We have three groups of main characters: three police officers (Adam Driver, Bill Murray and some girl), three troubled kids that don’t have names and don’t contribute anything to the move, and Donald Glover and a nerd. The weird lady shows up sometimes, but she doesn’t do anything important other than killing zombies and acting strangely.
All of these characters are idiots, unlikable or uninteresting, with only one exception. Adam Driver is supposed to play a calm police officer, but he comes off as bored and just uninterested in what happened. This is because he “read the script”, which is supposed to be funny, but it isn’t. It’s just a lame excuse for his poor characterization. Bill Murray plays the police chief, who is pretty much a likable version of Adam Driver’s character. He’s calm, but not necessarily bored… until Adam Driver literally spoils the ending of the movie for him. “Hilarious and original”… oh, and the girl, who is also a cop, is “the exception” that I mentioned before. She’s the best character simply because she’s the only normal person in the movie. She’s scared, confused, and succumbs to her fears, leading to her death. She feels like a human being, but sadly, she doesn’t get enough attention and doesn’t do anything important.
The three kids are useless. They just sit and talk about what’s going on, or they run away and never show up again. They are completely unnecessary.
Donald Glover plays a humble hardware store owner who is very likable, but comes across as somewhat foolish near the end of the movie. He dies purely because he literally sits down until the zombies show up and kill him, alongside the nerd. The nerd is somewhat charismatic due to how he’s far too socially awkard, but dies in the same way as Donald Glover even though he had a shotgun which he conveniently didn’t use later. He didn’t run out of bullets, he just didn’t use it so he could die.
Anyway, near the end of the movie the weird lady is revealed to be an alien, just as a ship comes to take her home. This contributes nothing to the plot and it isn’t funny. Adam Driver and Bill Murray then die fighting the zombies, even though they had the upper hand, and then… the movie ends. It has no real ending, as it just suddenly ends without rhyme or reason, and might I add in a very forced manner. But who cares? It’s a comedy, so as long as the jokes are funny, it’ll be alright, isn’t that the case?
The jokes are just bad. It’s all based around the movie being “so bad it’s good” that it misses the point. Those movies are funny because the people behind them tried to make a good movie and legitimately thought they had achieved what they had set out to do. The jokes are forced and don’t make you laugh because you feel ashamed for the actors. They always deliver their lines in such a deadpan, bored fashion, that you feel like even they know how bad the humour in the movie is. Nobody is trying, and other times, the jokes are just so ridiculous, you’re left thinking “who thought this was a good idea”?
For example: there’s a guy with a “make America white again” hat in a café, sitting near Donald Glover. When asked if he wants more coffee, the guy says “no thanks, it’s too black for me”. Glover gives him a cold look and the guy says “I mean that it’s too dense for me” or something like that. I get the joke, but it’s so ridiculous and forced that it doesn’t work. There are many better ways to make fun of racist people, but instead, they took the easy way out. It’s not subtle, it’s not thought out, it’s just the first thing that came to their minds.
Overall, it’s just awful. I don’t know why I didn’t stop watching it halfway through, but I assune that since it had such recognizable actors, I just thought it’d get better at some point. Sadly, it never did.