Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

I want to see someone make a movie about that Russian lady whose husband was killed by the Nazis, so she got in a fucking tank and just started to slaughter the entire Easter front, and then got the other widows in on it by training them to meet up with Nazis and act like they wanted to sleep with them and then once they were vulnerable murdered the absolute hell out of them. That would a good revenge flick, and based on a legit true story.

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Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning.



I watched Fast and Furious 9 last week.

Ethan Hunt and the characters from Fast and Furious are immortal :crazy_face: or they are super luck :crazy_face:


Just watched entries 6 and 7 in the Fast and Furious series, as well as The Purge: Anarchy.

As to the first two, a little ridiculous where the stunts are concerned, but really good plots in my opinion, and excellent casting choices for villains. Now caught up as far as timeline goes, I do like how, in hindsight, the events of the movies aren’t strictly in order by their release, being somewhat reminiscent of what worked in the later Saw movies. I will say though, I’m calling absolute bullshit on Hobbs’ bit near the end of 7. I know it’s the Rock and all, but nobody is gonna break their cast by flexing, especially when they’ve only had it for a few days and so have done exactly zero healing, and then be able to use that same broken arm to hold a gattling gun by hand and hold it steady enough to actually hit targets. I’m sorry, but even 47 can’t pull off shit like that with a broken arm, no way, no how. I’ll believe Dom’s highway super dive to catch Letty midair and walking it off over that.

As to The Purge: Anarchy, wow, talk about a sequel that improves on the original in nearly every way. The original film was one of those movies with a really interesting idea that was squandered for the sake of making a generic genre film (in this case, home invasion), and didn’t really explore the nuances of its founding idea. This film actually explores the real implications of a concept as simultaneously frighteningly plausible yet laughably absurd as the Purge. And what I like most is that it leans into the idea that, yeah, the Purge really doesn’t work! The only reason it’s able to continue year after year with the belief that it works is because the powers that be have rigged the game to make it seem like it has, and all the assholes who like their violence or just thumbing their nose at laws give it it’s public support. So much more enjoyable than the first film, and from what I’ve heard, the sequels continue to get better, or at least further explore the implications of the central concept, showing just how corruptly flawed the Purge is. Definitely want to check out the rest.

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The super Mario bros movie I mainly watched it because jack black really enjoyed it I liked Charlie day as Luigi Chris Pratt was a lot better then I was expecting and I don’t know anything about the other cast members guess I will reply to this again whenever the sequel comes out and whenever I watch it


Watched a bad ass movie - Leo.
Its is the 3rd movie of Lokesh Kanagaraj Cinematic Universe (after Kaithi and Vikram)

Violence Bad Ass Violence - Bloody Sweet :crazy_face:


I worked up some courage to watch It Follows tonight. It was good!
A woman inherits a curse after sleeping with a guy, where a monster disguised as a human will constantly chase her, until she’s killed. And only she can see it. Very interesting mystery and some cool camera-shots, music, and build-up to some frights. Ending was a little weird and abrupt, but overall it was pretty cool.




I love this movie. It has such an 80s vibe. Like a John Carpenter flick (including the synth music).

This and the Guest are both great throwbacks to that style.


If I recall correctly, the chapter titles were used to further differentiate between the color scenes and the black and white scenes. “Fission” was for the color scenes while “Fusion” was for the black and white (or maybe the other way around; it’s been a minute) and it’s just implied that they just carry over when the corresponding scenes are playing.

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The Killer is…slow. VERY slow. Hell, it even admits it is. It’s not filled with too much action, it has a brawl or two, but it is by and large a cinematic take on what the waiting game looks like for an assassin.

I’m gonna be honest, despite all the people claiming that it’s Hitman-like, it really isn’t. Sure, it has the Killer use a disguise or two, as well as some social engineering to get into places. But everything else is wrong. Too talkative, too loud, and the entire plot starts because the Killer misses his sniper shot on his target and hits a civilian that was…er…dancing for their amusement, despite having better chances to shoot them, coming off as a show-off. Hell, even his thoughts are filled with pop-culture 47 would definitely not know about (casually referencing storage wars for example).

Just because they’re being stealthy does not make a pseudo Hitman movie make.

I will concede this is a better film that either the 2015 or 2003 film, but those aren’t large gaps to clear.

The film tends to favour “show, don’t tell” in places it really shouldn’t, and left me confused for half the runtime, and not in the “deduce and solve” kind of way.

Grab a coffee, get comfortable, and vibe with the narration of Fassbender. It’s a nice time, if a little clunky and the story is a tad unclear.


It’s true. There is a good atmosphere and staging, but the storyline is basic and predictable. The character lacks charisma because he has neither a name (or code name) nor a background.

For visual purposes, here are some shots that we have already seen elsewhere…

The destinations are also familiar, since the character goes to Paris, New Orleans, New York, Florida and Chicago.


I’ll still be watching it all the same. Love me some assassin movies. Second only to heists.


Long Shot with Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen it before. She plays the US Secretary of State who wants to be President and he plays a journalist who becomes her speech writer. It’s a romantic comedy, usually not my kind of flick; but it’s super funny and I really enjoyed it.


I watched the killer earlier this week and I am damn disappointed about this movie, I wouldn’t mind the movie being slow since patience is key if it was worth it, the movie doesn’t reward you for patiently waiting, plot is mid, I could care less about the killer itself, he is a mid assassin and all of the kills in the movie were pretty basic (except for the nail gun kill, but not only the killer did not intented to kill him that fast, but it was a mid kill aswell), I could see the shit ton of inspiration it drew from the Hitman games but if anyone will try to debate who is the better assassin, the killer or 47, I’ll lose it because the killer is a mid assassin.


Honestly I wasn’t a fan either, the dialogue was so cringe. I get that it was poking fun at the main character’s off-and-on ineptitude at points, but you could really tell that it was based on a comic book. The edgelord feel ran thick.

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Hold on, this movie tried to be comedic at some points?


My dad and I just watched The Marvels in a special “ScreenX” format in theatres.

We’ve never heard of this before, but apparently it’s been around for a good 7 years at least.

It’s a special gimmick version of the film, yeah, where they project a whole 270° view of the film on the front and side walls of the theater.
It’s done through either a 3-camera setup during production or CGI in post.

It’s kinda cool? But yeah, mostly a novelty.
The illusion of the surrounding screen doesn’t totally work if you look to the side, as it’s meant to convey peripheral vision.
Plus, not all of the scenes use the ScreenX format, so it’ll cut or fade between the center and side screens, and it’s a bit disappointing when you’ve been treated to a wider shot. (The opening space scene and inciting event had a cool wide effect, but later on there’d be space scenes that don’t use the side-screens and it felt strange.)

Some of the action scenes and establishing scenery shots of the film used the added screen space and it was pretty cool, feeling like you’re surrounded or deeper immersed into the world, but as mentioned above, there wasn’t “consistency” in where its used.
I’d aay a good 60-70% of the film’s scenes use it though, and the entire climax had the side-screens turned on which was cool.

As for the film itself, it was fun. I liked it.
Not really the best ever, but it was of acceptable quality for what Marvel has put out lately.
Iman Vellani is definitely the standout energetic performance with a really great animated intro that calls back to her opening episode of Ms. Marvel… Really love that creative/artistic flair they give her “fangirl dreams” and I really wish it appeared more!
Brie Larson does a great job at showing more of Captain Marvel’s emotional side, since we were robbed of a lot of that in the last film due to her being a brainwashed stoic soldier. Though she does bring in some cool stoic, focused energy that I did enjoy in her character when in the group.
Teyonah Parris is the newcomer, essentially, to the group, as she learns more about her powers and offers some big scientific knowledge to the group where needed. I liked discovering she is essentially the Danny Phantom of the power-trio.
All their powers combined to give some very neat teleporting fight scenes as they’re forced to tap in and out of each others’ battles.

The movie gives the characters a kinda one-note villain but with interesting motives that evolve from the lingering conflict at the end of the first CapMarvel film.
I also liked all the exotic alien places the trio visits as

Overall, it’s a good entry to the MCU. I’d watch it again one day. There’s fun to be had here and I liked the cosmic scope of this film.
Plus, a very neat ending stinger…

Spoiler Time

  • I felt so bad for the Khan’s house at the start of the film. Damnit, why the hell can’t superheroes just take the fight outside?? I liked how the whole family tried to step in and help beat the baddies though that was fun.
  • The weird organic eggs found around the space station were a bit of an “oh god it’s a contrived hidden threat for later” but I quickly guessed and got right that it was Goose the cat laying eggs all around the place.
    Totally gross but adorable hatching of kittens though!
  • And man, the whole Goose stuff in this film and the ensuing Cats Escape Pod master plan was soooo weird but in a fun way. It was ridiculous but I loved how creative they got in solving the horrible Titanic problem of “not enough escape pods”
  • I was giggling so much at that fun ending, with Kamala parodying Fury at the end of Iron Man 1. I guess they’re finally giving fans hope that a Kid Avengers team might happen!
  • Also, oooh, Monica is in the X-Men universe now! I wonder if this might tie into Deadpool 3 in some way, if that’s the start of the whole X-universe integration to the MCU…

Anatomy Of A Fall (2023)

Hugely accomplished courtroom drama that was a really grown-up film about very believable, very flawed, very human characters. Accident Kill. Second best thing I’ve seen this year, behind the clear Film Of 2023 which is…

Saltburn (2023)

Has the most shocking bathwater scene since Connery electrocuted that goon at the start of Goldfinger. Pitch-black humour; Barry Keoghan putting in a performance every bit as good as his shining role in The Killing Of A Sacred Deer; and Rosamund Pike stealing the film every time she comes on screen. Fantastic.

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IMO she does this in everything they put her in.

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So, I just watched a new Adam Sandler animated children’s movie called Leo. It’s about these two class pets of a fifth grade classroom, a lizard and a turtle, voiced by Sandler and Bill Burr respectively. To my surprise, it was pretty good. It’s funny at times, has a good message behind it and is fairly stylistic. I haven’t been into a lot of stuff that Adam Sandler has done over the past decade and a half really, but this was very enjoyable and I recommend it.