Movies You've only Just Watched


I might actually watch Wonder Woman. Looks like the only good DC flick that’s been released in awhile.


Yeah, I saw Dunkirk too.
A good historical reconstruction which puts the accent on the sensations (in the cockpit with an AIR Force pilot, drowning with Brit soldiers, bombing effects, very loud shots, etc)
For the first time, we don’t have any field combats, only air strikes and naval battles.
There’s three perceptions of the same event : the rookie’s one, the Spitfire badass pilot’s one & the old sailer’s one. Breathtaking but not spectacular in the Hollywood term, it’s supposed to be realistic.
Contract completed, I’d say.
For me, the best Nolan’s movie remains Inception.


I have heard that this is intentional as per Michael Bay. Writers on pins and needles since Age of Extinction when they first started experimenting with this… “direction”… as it is not normal for them to write stories like this.


If you wished the DC films were a little (just a little bit) more like the Marvel ones, you’ll like WONDER WOMAN.

If you came out of BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and liked that, you will consider WONDER WOMAN as a lesser (but still adequate) film.


I did admittedly get Captain America vibes watching the trailer to be honest. It does feel like DC is trying hard to be Marvel with their recent movies like BvS and Suicide Squad.


Yup, just to add to that as a PSA: Dunkirk is extremely loud. Far louder than any other movie I’ve seen in theatres. It really feels like you’re there with the soldiers amongst the bombs and bullets. It’s a true assault on the senses.


It’s mixed in Dolby Atmos, that’s generally speaking why it sounds extremely "loud"


I’m looking forward to see that movie, happy to hear it’s really good :smiley:, if you like a good war movie, then watch Hacksaw Ridge (2016), it’s one of the best war movies i have seen in years, well made and great acting.


District 9
One of the best movies abot aliens imo, waiting for sequel :slight_smile:


I’ve heard this on numerous occasions now, is it seriously THAT good?


It certainly doesn’t play out like your average film. The plot is simple, there is little dialogue and the narrative structure is a bit disjointed. I can see how the average movie-goer (not to say you are one) might find all the hype a bit unusual. But it really is a unique cinema experience. The action is harrowing. The cinematography is breathtaking. The sound effects are overwhelming. The acting is raw. The emotion is real. The score is suspenseful. It’s a no-nonsense war flick and a true story at heart. I think there’s something for everyone to connect with in Dunkirk.


I saw it at the beginning of the year.
THAT is spectacular. With Mel Gibson, you always have an ultraviolence and a religious morality.
It’s a slaughter. With the GIs and the Japs, it’s personal in addition to that. :us_outlying_islands::jp:


Agree and i don’t know how he made that movie, because it looked so real.

What a hero Desmond T. Doss was and he was really serious about been a medic :smiley:.

The two war movies from Clint Eastwood is all about that and they is also really good.

Letter from Iwo Jima (2006) and Flags of our Fathers 2006

Clint Eastwood made the American Sniper (2014) as well, about Chris Kyle a great movie, although not from WWII.


I’ve always meant to watch American Sniper but never knew if it was worth my time. Would you recommend it then?


Yes i do, it is a great movie and a bit sad, when we think of what happend to him after his military service.


Just watched The Purge, it was alright. Fun concept, probably giving the other movies a shot as well.


A new Danish/Norwegian movie @Mads47 and it looks good :smiley:

Haven’t watched it yet though.


Not a movie I have seen, though I heard of it. But nothing that really springs to mind, so I have no idea what kind of movie it is.


Me neither, just know it is a drama :flushed:.


Haven’t watched this either, but i think it’s good and i like Bryan Cranston and i will watch this later this week :blush:

Just started to watch this last night, new movies with Bruce Willis can be really bad or really good, i don’t know yet about this movie.