Multible part story Contracts

It is a shame IOI only features around 2-8 contracts for each batch and then only 1 contract per person, but I have an idea to update the contract and featured contract system, insert title here

Elusive target arcade is kind of bland and one reason of that is becouse it has no continuing story between missions, and we only have 1-2 non-story related storylines. Take elusive target arcade’s formula and make the new featured contracts 1-5 part storylines that the community makes every month along with the original stuff. Like before with FC’s IOI makes a theme and people creates, 2 story 3-4 normal. That may have been a bit rocky and you are probably sitting and wondering “I dont understand a part of what this kid is trying to say” so I have written a 5 part mission with Clone theme down below

The clone conundrum
Part 1: Good day 47, we have intercepted a call from a concerned resident in Paris, have a listen.
“I think i just saw a ghost or a demon, im telling you the truth, Andrea Martinez is here in Paris. I know its imposible for a person to be at two diffrent places at the same time, but im not lying I promise” Your mission 47 is to take out this suppoced Doppleganger, good luck 47.
Part 2: 47 I have news, the target you killed was the real Andrea Martinez. After her death, her tasks in the cartel has shown poor results leading to our conclusion that the Andrea in the house is a clone. Take her out along with her bodyguard and this problem is done, good luck 47.
Part 3: A message has been sent out from her phone to Italian resident Torres Piombo, a hippie living in Sapienza town hall. A man with the exact name and facial features was found dead in Santa Fortuna after your latest visit, this means that multible people could be clones acting as humans. We need to stop this 47, be aware that a cult member lives nearby and he has connections to Torres, making him a target. Good luck.
Part 4: Good news, after our latest hit more and more clones are being cought and even better their leader has been exposed as Jason Portman, Muchtalk CEO. A Jason has been spotted chanching his face to supermodel Helmut Krueger in the exclusive Gama hospital in Japan, take him out and the clones will have no chance of surviving. Be advised 47, this needs to be in a non accident, its the best way to intimidate. Good luck.
Part 5: 47 we have him, Jason is desperatly trying to hide and create more clones. He is hiding in the fortress at the Isle of Sgail, 1 succesful clone has been created meaning your secondary target is Amos Dexter. After this there will be no more clones.


I’ve played multipart Trending contracts before in Hitman. Even ioi did it for their FC set when they finally released “The Author” for contracts mode (3 contracts, 1 storyline featuring Jeff). So it’s not a new concept.


but when its featured its always company (Minnmax etc) or IOI that does them, there is my problem