Multiplayer - story

I absolutely love Hitman 1,2,3.

But i miss the opportunity to play missions with friends.
The replay value alone would be immense!

a few things i would love to see is:

  1. Regular story coop - 2-4 players running standard coop missions together, only able to use already unlocked starting locations.
  2. The first to strike - 2-4 players running the standard missions as VS mode where the goal is not to PVP but to take out the target first. The option to make it harder for eachother is there by executing NPCs around your other agents making the environment more hostile around them, granting you an edge.
  3. The coop escalations - 2-4 players, As normal escalations work you need to execute multiple targets within a certain timeframe or with specific requirements. As a multiplayer option this allows for a master coordinated attack where everything must die within a 5-15 second timeframe.
  4. The coop, your target only. - 2-4 players, missions but where you get the target assigned to you. if you kill someone elses mark you get a penalty. so stick to yours.
  5. play your role - 2-4 players, You start a mission with a specific role assigned. you need to complete a set of “tasks as that role” on the map. e.g, you need to be a kitchen staff, execute the head chef and poison the soup.
  6. that’s all you get - 2-4 players, you start with only one specific weapon. You can swap weapons and pick up others during the mission, but you must use your designated kill-weapon for a mark on the map (mark of choice).

Have an idea? Fire it up!

I disagree fully, awful Idea.
Go and play Ghost Recon Wildlands or GR Breakpoint.
Hitman shouldn’t deliver a Co-Op experience at all, since it is already hard enough to find people who have a similar play- and thinkstyle as you besides it is a niche brand and also already failed with the poor executed Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin Co-Op mode.

Hitman nearly always delivered a sandbox with AI path you can interrupt and experience. A story of 4 nameless 0815-Human’s/clones called Anton, Bradley, Christine and Doreen who are killing a bunch of AI’s without hostile horde behaviour/ get Item|Intel X will be very fast boring since you will not experience the AI reactions, epic lines or dumb AI reactions at all.

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I will start by adressing that this wish is infact something i requested, not you.
You are entitled to your opinion about the suggestion, but if you don’t enjoy my addition simply proceed to one you like and up-vote that instead, no need to call it bad.

Ghost Recon cannot be compared to Hitman, final.
Suggesting those as MP alternatives is going as far off the map as you can get if you want to provide me with a good alternative.

  1. Sniper Elite 4 has many of the elements which can be implemented into Hitman multiplayer, and it’s working well. But they have YEARS before they even hit IOI creativity.
  2. Finding people with similar playstyles is a subjective opinion on the matter, i have many friends in which i can and will share my multiplayer experience with.
  3. If you prefer singleplayer then just stick to it. i enjoyed the sniper assassin, but it was lacking in content, it was too plain. But not bad.
  4. The rest of the opinion on how that would affect your gameplay is clearly under the quote: “Multiplayer experience may change during online play” what you describe as a negative thing, can in situations be positive too.

finally, a lot of my suggestions further down in the list if you read them closely does actually involve Hitman specific details and features, not found in other games.
Those will be possible to implement in a multiplayer experience.