Mumbai - Illusions of Grandeur sidemission explosive only knocks out target, but kills bystanders

I’m sure this is probably working as intended, but it’s quite annoying;

Doing the Mumbai side mission Illusions of Grandeur.
I placed an explosive on the ground in the path of Basil Carnaby. I was seen but he walked right over the bomb. KABOOM! he is only knocked out but his two guards who were behind him are dead.

Tried again. This time tossed a duck proxy bomb at his head.
HE is only knocked out this time TOO and his guards are killed.

Tried again. Placed a tripwire mine on the stairs. Carnaby trips the mine and he is unaffected but the guards die.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

The 2nd time I tossed the bomb at his head it also knocked him out only but didn’t affect the guards.
Tried a frag and that too only killed the guards and Carnaby just gets knocked out.

SOOO frustrating.

Any chance you’re on PC and playing with mods installed? I just threw a frag grenade at his head to test this out and it killed him when it exploded after KOing him.

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PC yes. Mods, no. The server kept disconnecting on me yesterday.
Maybe the serverwas glitching out. IDK.
I do know it took me multiple attempts to make the RNG kill the target and not only his guards
and surrounding non-targets.

This AI though is the fault and RNG. It’s dumb as a metric tonne of moon rocks.

I toss a knife and get shot at. The character suddenly says
“I hear gun shots FIND THE SHOOTER!” BUT he was the only one firing.
I toss a brick and it’s non-lethal. And everyone keeps saying “there’s a murderer on the loose!”

I mean come on?! Can’t IOI program this AI to be a little more intelligent this is a AAA game that
costs $70USD in 2023. The AI should be more intelligent and adaptive than this.

We’re paying AAA prices for THIS nonsense AI that seems like it’s straight out of 2002 Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell AI bugs were classic and derpy. Knock out a civilian next to a guard.
“I found a dead body” but… they’re only knocked out.
Exact same dialog. Same AI ? Seriously?