Munga's Hitman Summer Holiday – Curated Featured Contracts July 2023


This batch of featured contracts was released on July 6th, 2023.
The contracts were curated by Mungadungalis.

  • „The Mischievious Muffin Makers“
    by ItsKai23

  • “Heat Wave”
    by TheRollingTwig

  • “Munga’s Magnificent Magnum Opus”
    by Wigglyweevil211

  • “Kukrimeier”
    by Version Omega

  • “So Much for Summer”
    by linux_penguin

  • “The Wired Conundrum #32
    by AKCSE

  • “Summer Vacation Showdown”
    by Jacob Carlisle

  • “Refreshing Vacation Revenge”
    by Eclipse813

  • “Holiday Shmoliday”
    by OzzyGrl

  • “Summer Getaway”
    by GKPunk

  • “Sun, Sea, Sand and Exploding Jet Ski’s”
    by SamSamuel


As usual, I’m completely ignoring any suit-only or “don’t change starting outfit” requirements. Overall, an OK batch of contracts - some fairly easy, some more complicated.

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0:00-0:18 Sun, Sra, Sand, and Exploding Jet Ski’s (2:07) SA/AO Featured Contract by SamSamuel @samsamuel

3:04-3:25 Summer Getaway (3:24) SA/FW Featured Contract by GKPunk @GKPunk

7:41-8:00 Holiday Shmoliday (1:40) Featured Contract by OzzyGrl @Ozzygrl

10:19-10:38 Refreshing Vacation Revenge (1:20) SA/SO Featured Contract by Eclipse813 @Eclipse

12:52-13:12 Summer Vacation Showdown (1:18) SA Featured Contract by Jacob Carlisle

15:25-15:49 The Wire Conundrum #32 (2:39) SA/SO/FW Featured Contract by AKCSE

19:23-19:42 So Much For Summer (2:41) SA Featured Contract by linux_penguin @linux_penguin

23:10-23:29 Kukrimeier (2:26) SA/SO Featured Contract by Version Omega @Version_Omega

26:44-27:03 Munga’s Magnificent Magnum Opus (0:42) SA Featured Contract by Wigglyweevil211 @Charlie_Farmer

28:31-28:51 Heat Wave (0:49) SA/SO/AO Featured Contract by TheRollingTwig

30:03-30:29 The Mischievous Muffin Markers (2:06) SA/SO/UO Featured Contract by ItsKai23


Thx a lot man this made so fucking hapyy for real and and thanks to you guys for creating such good contracts for real i cant wait to play them


Very honored to be in the FC batch with this group of amazing hitman players.


Almost into double digits now! :purple_heart:

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I tried @Charlie_Farmer 's contract, but with my (other submitted) contract’s rules. Hostile suit, fiberwire kills, no KOs. It’s… doable (not impossible), but much easier with disguises (so you don’t get gunned down in public areas). Also, I found it funny that the last target will chase you if he sees you go down the ladder.

I’ve got 2 more to go. It seems like a few of them use the strat of shooting at guards from up high through windows to make them come to you. Nice batch overall. :+1:


Thank you. Very nice contracts. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed playing
And my favorite is



I also want to thank the curators for another set of enjoyable feature contracts.

I have been holding off on Freelancer since it was released so I can savor it for down the road, with feature contracts filling the gap for now.

The one in which I was stuck on, was a requirement to use a more powerful gun to explode the jet ski. It takes 3 to 4 hits to explode with a shortballer.

The one in which I had a more unique approach, was the use of an explosive duck to lure the guard into the pool area of Haven Island for the falling coconut kill.

The Paris one was straight forward if you dropped weapons in front of the guards at the entrance.

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