My game lags all the time. I've seen some other people complain about it. Why is it not fixed yet?

My game has lag spikes and NO OTHER GAME suffers from this. I’ve assumed it’s a problem with the updates, but anyways, i’ve been waiting for a lot of updates for it to work and stop lagging, but it’s getting worse and IO doesn’t seem to recognize there’s a problem there.

I’d love for someone to tell me if there’s any fix to it, if someone who had them found a solution or if it’s going to be this way forever.

No offense but without telling

  • Your System / PC specs
  • The situations the spikes appear
  • In which way they get worse
  • What you tried so far to fix it yourself

People here or IO will in no way is able to find out what this is about. And because of this they also cannot fix it. Very likely all people you read about have individual issues in different situations.

Please try to fill a ticket: and prepare the information I listed above for it.


Ever since the Easter Egg Hunt update I’ve been experiencing some occasional massive FPS losses and stuttering as well.

I’m busy so I haven’t been playing too much or investigating the problem yet, but one thing I noticed is that despite having the V-Sync on at 60fps, it’s no longer locked at 60fps. It could be that it’s uncapped and using too much hardware resources, so it occasionally chokes and the FPS dramatically drops as a result.

I wonder whether they’ve already offered you a position in Customer Service at IOI or are they postponing this decision.

Or maybe you could give a short lecture on the topic to the guys from the same department at WizzAir?

I have no relation with their support.

It was a joke. You’re more helpful than some actual customer support.


Thanks I heard too many “io shill“ comments so I was not very sure what you aimed for. :sweat_smile:


We all know you’re an IO shill, @Urben - where’s MY medal for The Revolutionary, eh?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: