My hitman wont work :(

I NEED HELP BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND! So I got HITMAN on the game store (btw Im playing on my Xbox Series S) cause I wanted to play HITMAN again! I let it the main game download and go through the prologue but then I hit my first problem. I forgot to install the Episode 1: Paris Downloadable content stuff so I go and do that…. It still said it’s not installe. I was fine with this though cause I went to check and figured out it was in a different storage of my Xbox than the main game and other downloadable content (mind you I have THREE different storages). I then move it over to the rest and reboot the game still doesn’t work… I uninstall the content and reinstall, NOTHING. I restart my Xbox still nothing. I delete the whole entire game and reinstall everything. STILL NOTHING, I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong or if there something wrong with game. PLEASE HELP!