My issues with using a controller

so i use a Xbox s controller to play hitman 3 and iv had problems when shooting it always felt off to me at least but so one day i open a gamepad tester and saw that the guns shoots if press the trigger down only 48% i wish it was 100% cause that’s more natural for most and its hard to use the slow time thing that some guns have without accidently shooting at the moment i don’t think any proper mod related fix is possible i tried adding hitman 3 as a non steam game so i can use a steam controller config to fix it didn’t seem to work it still used the default controls some how sadly i only own hitman 3 with the pc gamepads so i have no clue if its just that version i know its not the controller as iv tried older and newer models of different Xbox controllers with pretty much the same problem sorry if this doesn’t make since iv been sleep deprived for a long time

ioi added an option to use the LB button (Xbox controller) for the “bullet-time” function instead of the right trigger. It actually has the benefit of keeping time slowed even after you shoot so you can kill two targets next to each other, using continuous “bullet-time”. Can’t do that using the right trigger.

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I’ve been using a controller for quite a while now (since the start of H2), and I’ve never felt an issue with the triggers being less natural to use than other games that I use controllers for (Payday 2 etc). Hell, I didn’t even know the game used any kind of pressure sensitivity outside of sniper rifles’ slo-mo mode.

where is this option i cant seem to locate it

It’s on by default.

Precision Aim
When playing on a controller, you can now press the L1/LB button to activate the ‘Marksman’ perk, which will improve your aim and slow down time. This has been implemented as part of a important change for Nintendo Switch players but will work for other controllers and platform too. The in-game UI and controller mapping will still show R2/RT as the default option for non-Switch players, but we’ve noted it here seeing as the option will be available.

Granted, it IS a little awkward because you essentially have to squeeze and hold the left trigger to aim and THEN simultaneously hold the LB button to slow down time (then right trigger RT to shoot like normal). But it"s the only alternative if just using RT is problematic.