My opinions/questions about Hitman 2 & 3

I found the story of Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 very unlogical. Too much location switching. And the story just doesn’t make much sense. I feel like every mission is a seperate story. And that Hitman 3 is a different game from Hitman 2 and not from the same series.

Does anyone else have this?

Is it recommended I replay hitman 2 and 3 and follow the story in a short amount of time? (instead of completing it in a longer amount of time)

How do I get that full immersion and understanding the story?

With reasons if you watch mission briefings.

It kind of is, with a connection to the main storyline which maintains usually in last 2 levels.

If you want to figure it out yourself, watch cutscenes and mission briefings, if it doesn’t matter, and Hitman 3 - Wikipedia are good sources.