My play style, finally explained

That was the ICA lol, when they rolled up a gasoline tanker flipped over and caused the fire.

Explains why the voice actors follows him across levels, doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Admittedly this could be a bit of a trolly question, or just for lulz. But what if you yourself wore gloves while playing when 47 didn’t have them on in the game?

Do a sort of ritual…

Light some candles or some incense.

Raise your palms and bow your head in reverence
Then say; “May my covered hands go in place of YOUR bare hands, oh great 47!”
Then clap 1x.
Now, repeat ^these actions several times over. Maybe 11 times since 4 + 7 = 11.

Sounds kinda crazy, doesn’t it? Well… :sweat_smile:


Yeah… no.


As promised to @avesmaria, here’s a full walkthrough for the Procurers, achieving a Silent Assassin rating with two accident kills, while following the HPP. This is here because it is specifically about beating this mission while following my play style, rather than completing the ET in-and-of itself. The first time I killed these guys, I used poison on both of them, but for this walkthrough, the goal is to kill Jack with the oven gas leak, and kill Robert with the heater gas leak. This is not a perfect playthrough even while following my parameters, because I know I’ve done it more smoothly before in Arcade mode, but given the lack of time left for the weekend and my impatience, I accepted a less-than-perfect run, so long as I’m still adhering to my parameters, and achieving success. For anyone who hasn’t done the ET yet and wants to follow this, here’s what you’ll need: Firstly, you need to have opened the shortcut ladder to Zachary Carlisle’s bedroom balcony, or this method won’t work for you, at least not without heavily sacrificing following the parameters. Be sure to wear a suit with gloves (I went with Signature), bring your fiber wire, a silenced pistol (Silverballer in my case, because of the Signature suit), an emetic device (the grenade unlocked on Ambrose Island for me), and stash one of the tranquilizer guns in the hidden stash on the side of the manor where deliveries are made.

The walkthrough itself is hidden here because of how long it is.


Beginning at the default starting location on the motorcycle, walk along the path (you’ll be walking for the entire playthrough, never running) and move off to the side to where you can go behind the bushes and hop over the gap in the wall. Cross the little creek, staying crouched to avoid those two assholes near the gate from seeing you until you’re near the boulders on the other side of the creek, then you can stand. Make for the gap in the wall ahead that leads to the bushes near where vehicles are parked, sneak past the front of these vehicles, staying out of site and staying crouched, because this ET has an extra guard who will come down the stairs near the front entrance and see you if you stand. On the other side of the row of parked vehicles and luggage, hop the small stone wall, cross behind the bushes within, then hop the low wall on the other side, heading for where the deliveries are, and your hidden stash. Obtain your tranquilizer pistol, then head back the way you came, staying near the wall of the manor on your right. You’re going to go around the corner, into the bushes right below the window that leads to the butler’s office and the staff/laundry area. Climb through that window.

Once inside, head toward the open door leading into the staff room and close it without being seen, then open the other door nearby, heading out into the hunting hallway where the private investigator stops during normal Dartmoor gameplay. There’s a maid dust here; sneak past her, past the staff room door (coming back here shortly), and around the corner ahead. After turning the corner, you’ll see two coins on your right; these coins are going to be your best friends during this playthrough.

Ahead are two closed glass doors and to the left is an open closet. Head to the doors and open them, there’s another dusting maid on the other side; keep to the left side of the doors as you open them to minimize the chance of her seeing you. As soon as you open the double glass doors, turn around and walk toward the open closet until you are lined right up with the door. Turn around, throw a coin on the ground in front of you; if you did this quickly enough, the glass doors should still be open. The instant you hit the button to throw the coin, turn and move into the open closet. The main should have heard the coin land and go to investigate. Inside the closet, there’s a black box on the opposite wall of the cabinet that can be hidden in; wait until the maid picks up the first coin, and as soon as she turns around, throw the second coin on top of the black box – so long as she’s not out of range or the doors haven’t closed behind her, she’ll hear the coin land. Duck into the cabinet behind you and equip your tranquilizer. Once the maid is in the closet and is reaching for the coin, step out and shoot her with it. When she collapses, reload your tranquilizer, collect the coins, then leave the closet and close the door behind you.

If you have moved without hesitation up to this point, even while just walking, then Jack will either have walked into the kitchen near where that maid was while you were dealing with her, or is doing so at this point, so use instinct to check first before proceeding. Pass through the glass doors to where the made was, being careful not to be spotted while walking past the door by the wandering maid within. Once on the other side of the door, look inside, see one of the servant guys mopping, and throw your emetic grenade at his feet. Close the door so you won’t be seen when he and the maid turn to look in your direct, then retrace your steps back to where the staff door was before, crouching when you turn the corner to avoid the first dusting maid from earlier.

Inside the staff room, grab the wrench leaning against the wall in front of you, go around the corner to where the toilet is, and place one of your coins against the wall, between the mop and lead pipe located here. The servant guy from earlier should be arriving now and start puking into the toilet. Move behind him, as far as you can go, until you’re in the corner where the wall and lockers meet, with the mirror above the sink next to you. Have your tranquilizer ready. Once he’s done puking, he’ll spot the coin and go for it; if you placed it right and are standing as far back and to the left as you can, he won’t see you. As soon as he goes for the coin, shoot him with the dart. He should fall in a way where he won’t be seen without someone walking all the way into the room. Take his outfit and leave him where he is.

Head back to the spot where you were when you threw the emetic grenade, and exit the manor through the side doors here. Go down the steps and to the left, all the way around to the back side of the manor, and in the corner where the shovels are hanging is the ladder to Zachary’s balcony. Climb up, move over to where the gas heater is, and wait until the maid up here and anybody inside the room are not in a direct line of sight of you, then cause a gas leak with the wrench. Retrace your steps and return to where the kitchen is. You did all this now so as to use up the time that Jack and Mr. Burk talk on the second floor, so that Jack is headed back to the first floor by the time you take care of the next bit of business.

Now, this is the part where I had to do a lot of restarting, because the timing is tricky, and as mentioned, I didn’t have the patience, but you need to make it so that the maid inside the kitchen doesn’t spot that you’ve turned the left stove inside the kitchen off. Throwing coins might bring a guard in from outside since there’s an open window, and the flooded sink might not line up with the timing as well as hoped. Without lockpicks, and no using keys or crowbars per the HPP, you can’t get the banana in the staff room locker. However, since you’re dressed as a staff member, you can go most places. Here’s where I’ll write specifically about what I did because this is where the road may fork among individual players; this part is why I don’t consider this playthrough “perfect,” because although I adhere to the HPP, this part is kinda sloppy. So, on this playthrough, I headed to the cemetery and grabbed a rake that’s laying in there. I walked back to the kitchen and used coins to lure the maid out of the kitchen into the hallway near the delivery exit doors from earlier. I placed the rake on the ground behind her and when she turned around to return to the kitchen, bam! I entered the kitchen and shut the door so she couldn’t be seen.

Unfortunately, Jack was in the kitchen and had prepared a plate of food, so he picks it up and starts heading toward the very door I just closed. He opens it, sees the maid, drops his plate (important), and runs outside to get a guard. While he’s doing that, on a hope, I head to the leftmost stove and turn it off, then cause a gas leak. I’m thinking chances are good I’ll have to restart again. However, since Jack dropped his plate, as the guard is reviving the maid, he walks back into the kitchen first, sees the stove is off, and I know I’ve got him. He’s doomed at this point, so I grab the mop for the blend in option, and wait a few seconds. Sure enough, the bespectacled bastard blows himself to kingdom come, I stop blending in, and head to the staff room and hide in the laundry bin until everything calms down, just to be sure I don’t run into an enforcer I didn’t expect. During the panic, the staff guy’s body is found and revived when Jack’s body is moved. Wait until everyone goes back to how they were, then go into the kitchen and grab the cigarettes Jack dropped.

Now, we’re back into a general walkthrough, since no matter how you managed to keep the maid from spotting the stove (without killing her or KOing her with any melee), the next part you’ll proceed pretty much without variable, save one that we’ll get to in a minute.

Once you have the cigarettes, return to Zachary’s balcony through the same path as before, and wait until Mr. Burk is not inside, assuming he is at the time you get there. Here’s the one variable: If Burk is inside, he might take the guard inside with him, at least for a moment, but if not, there will be another maid and a guard inside Zachary’s room. If Burk is inside, wait for him to leave and the guard to follow, and while they’re gone, and the maid inside is turned away, go in through the balcony doors and to the left, where there is a spot near a potted plant for the cigarettes to be placed. If Burk is not inside, and the guard and maid are both there, wait until neither had direct line of sight and throw a coin as far as you can to make sure the guard goes for it while facing away from you, and the maid goes back to what she was doing, still facing away from you, then place the cigarettes.

After that, get the fuck outta dodge. You may use coins and such to bring somebody to the maid you knocked out in the closet in order to set everything just how it was again, and while I prefer that, it’s a negligible part of the HPP, and you can skip it if you wish. Either way, return to the staff room, place the wrench back (you can’t put it exactly as it was, but everyone will just assume that it fell over after the explosion in the kitchen), and reclaim your suit from near the toilet. Crouch and sneak out of the staff room into the hunting hallway, slipping behind the maid dusting here.

Retrace your original steps back to the window near the butler’s room (watch out in case the staff/laundry area door is open again here), and climb out. Wait until the guards outside are facing away, then sneak back to the low rock wall near the bushes that you came through earlier near the row of parked cars, and drop down to the ground below. Head toward the creek, and around the spot where the boulders are, crouch to avoid being spotted. Hop back over the wall in the same place you originally did at the beginning, and carefully walk back toward your motorcycle. At some point between hopping out of the window and closing in on your motorcycle, if you did not screw around, Burk should blow himself up with the cigarette near the gas leak you caused to the heater earlier. Hold back a second to make sure Silent Assassin rank is still in place and no one else died in that second explosion. If it did, or if anything happens after either target dies that messes with the whole thing, do the disconnect restart to begin again. Otherwise, hope on your motorcycle and exit the mission.

There you go: Silent Assassin, two accident kills with explosions, all while adhering to the Heisenberg Parameters of Perfection. There can be some variations on this particular walkthrough; I know I did some. But that’s an example of how to do it.


Hmm, I was under the impression that throwing items such as coins was not permitted.

Also, I find it interesting how you took a longer route than I did to get the Staff disguise. I brought a lockpick, snuck into the Staff bathroom, grabbed the banana, placed it in front of the sink, and turned the sink on to get mop guy. Once he fell, I took his clothes and left the sink on to make it look like he slipped on the sink’s water puddle after taking a shower. Since I couldn’t find a way to believably knock out a bodyguard, I decided to do the rest of the run in the Staff disguise.

Throwing coins is ok; throwing other objects as distractions is not, unless nobody saw you throw it, only heard it, and you immediately reclaim it before anyone sees.

I… did not know that could be done. I’ve turned the sink on before but nothing ever happened. Then again, it may not have been during this ET, where the NPC placement is different. I’ll have to try that in Arcade mode.

Any questions on what to do if a compromising error is committed anywhere along that walkthrough?

Let’s assume, somehow, you get caught by a guard doing something you’re not supposed to and your options are to flee, which may cause the guard to open fire if you’re not quick enough, fake surrender, which will create close combat noises, or attack the guard before they can do anything, which is not clean. For the sake of simplicity, let’s also assume there are no other witnesses.

What would the best option be? (I’m also assuming that this question covers similar situations where you are caught by civilians, where the options are generally the same.)

In cases like those, you have a choice to make, with two options to choose from. You can other restart, to keep it discreet and so the death appears purely accidental when you get to it, or, abandon the idea of an accident kill, knock out the guard or other NPCs, assuming SA hasn’t already been blown, and hide their bodies, then just to to straight murder for the targets, and just avoid witnesses. If SA is lost, restart either way.

Unfortunately, restarting wasn’t an option at that point since Roe was already dead. I’d like to think I contained the damage as best as I could. Since nobody actually saw me tamper with the gas lamp, there’s no direct evidence it was related to a staff member suddenly going berserk, but it’s definitely going to be considered.

Do you k on how to do the disconnect restart? What system do you use?

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PC, Epic Games. I try to respect the intended principles of ETs, but the perfectionism itch is hard to shake off.

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Strap yourself in.

Locate the ejector seat handle.

Pull the ejector seat handle.


I love this! This is an awesome write up, my man! It’s by-and-large the style of play I opt for when I go for such “pure perfection” runs.

This play style has a name within the greater stealth community – “No Trace(s)” (or simply “NT” in Hitman parlance). I’d like for this play style to be integrated in mission gradings in future Hitman games, and “No Trace(s)” is naturally better suited for that (as well as more professional-sounding and generally applicable than the other popular variant of “Ghost”).

Some specific commentary:

  1. Taking NPCs’ wearings and leaving them bagged beside them is tacky and not so simply disregardable. It’s quite a specific practice, and as such, it’s a potentially compromising modus operandi (at least realistically). If a pre-bagged disguise that can realistically be re-bagged after objectives are completed cannot be found, I find another way when adhering to this play style and allowing for disguises.
  2. Running is permissible when no NPCs can realistically see or hear you. Specifically, 47’s crouch run is too trained, done with too much finesse and movement economy to not be something he doesn’t canonically rely on. Even the “Change Cover” animation has him performing what amounts to a quick run.
  3. I love drowning motherfuckers and just can’t help myself.

Funnily enough, 47 was a wild dude in his younger days if “Birth of the Hitman” is anything to go by (e.g., 1, 2). We enjoy this play style, but 47 himself, at least back then, was often an absolute savage in his approach. Even how he kills Diana’s parents is canonically him not giving a solitary fuck about “No Traces” or “Parameters of Perfection”.

He became all fancy and shit after joining the ICA and getting himself a sexy suit.

Ugh, this is precisely why I absolutely loathe 47’s Signature Suit w/ Gloves not being the default in-game suit in World of Assassination. The gloveless variant of the Signature Suit shouldn’t even exist

Oh, bless you. The amount of cheese I’ve used to complete ETs as fast as possible is enough to feed El Mijo for months on end.

If you’re asking how to disconnect restart ETs, here you go (in the comments).

I try to respect the intended principles of ETs, but I’m lying and absolutely do not respect the intended principles of ETs.

I must disagree on this since, as I mentioned, so long as the NPC is not KO’ed with melee and is tranquilized or slipped on a banana or something, it can be chalked up to the NPC simply passing out and not remembering why they took their clothes off.

Within my parameters, regardless of whether you can be seen or heard, running is only permissible in Patient Zero if you’re trying to prevent the spread of the virus, because the game doesn’t give you time to walk to the targets.

To me, this seems more along the lines of him still learning, still in practice. The way he even responded to Diana about killing on odd-jobs being random, disordered, suggests that he has evolved in his views on killing, and this is before he’s working for ICA or has his suit. I think young 47 was more concerned about the kill regardless of anything else, and 90s-onward 47 understood that that’s just being a chaotic thug and not a professional who treats his job like performing art.

That’s why my parameters require putting yourself literally in 47’s shoes and being as precise as possible; you’re treating the assassination like a work of art.

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You could just chuck a rubber duck at your target’s noggin.

Not everyone plays the game the same way :man_shrugging: .

i don’t think @Heisenberg was suggesting everyone must play the same way as him; just explaining his own approach.


He has always been pretty open about his play style not being suitable for everyone.


Oh yeah true true. I just think lots of people prefer the DPP (Duck Parameters of Perfection).

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I almost never use the ducks (or any explosives for that matter) when I play the game. I know they’re iconic but I usually just forget they exist.