My Silent Assassin Journey on the GameCube

I’ve given myself a little bit of a project recently: after deciding to play every single Hitman game over a two wee period, I bought the GCN version of H2SA in order to relive my childhood memories with the game. I could play on PC, sure, but it wouldn’t quite have that same pang of nostalgia as playing it how I used to.

After my vanilla casual playthrough, I wanted to see if I could go through the game and obtain a Silent Assassin rating, preferably with a certain degree of speed. A noble thought, albeit with a slight drawback: the GameCube version suffers from a handful of issues that make it less than ideal. Whether its the control mapping that prevents sliding and map skipping from being all that effective, the AI that is a little bit too aggressive when compared to the PC version, the 30FPS causing some other slight (usually AI related issues), or the abysmal auto aim system that will force you to target NPCs regardless of how far away you aim from them (although strangely will also miss most of the time when aiming at actual targets…), just getting an SA rank could be tricky enough in itself.

However, I have finally polished it off today after clearing the two final story related missions (although only one of them can be done SA, since the final is a bloodbath). My efforts were recorded for anyone who wishes to take a look:

The next stop? Probably stringing it together to see if I can do it in one sitting - or at least each location in one sitting. After that, who knows? Suit Only? Sniper Assassin? The world (of assassination) is my oyster!

Anyone else ever get Silent Assassin in H2SA? Or maybe even done their own challenges for it?


Yeah, I Silent Assassin most levels in that game but on the easier difficulty and excluding the levels where it is impossible.

My favorite mission to SA is saving Agent Smith from the Torture. Its a very fullfilling moment.


Yeah, I like Tubeway Torpedo a lot. Has a slow start to it, but it’s pretty rewarding. I also recently found out how to blow the wall and not have all the guards swarm into the sewer.

As for the impossible levels, I think it’s just the first and last, right? They don’t give you a rating, but considering the first has you killing nobody and the last everybody, I suppose technically it’s still SA!