My thoughts on Emesis Blue (2023)

I recently watched the SFM Movie, Emesis Blue.

Readers beware; A TLDR should be implied as this is going into detail on wat I liked and disliked about this production. If you’re not looking for a long read nor spoilers: Stop reading.


So, I should most likely start with the well - Start of the movie.
It starts from the perspective of the Medic, sitting in his office: The atmosphere and tone is already set from the start as an eerie and unnerving, this is already a good start.

He begins to hallucinate that some sort of “Plague Doctor” character is stalking him, with dark spindly tentacles crawling over the walls as the Medic gives a deadpan stare at the doctor, watching him enter the room. We soon snap back to reality - Realising it’s the Scout, coming to talk to the medic about a bad dream of sorts (For context, the Medic’s name is Dr. Fritz Ludwig: I will refer to him by his name from now on, just to make things more straightforward).

We cut to Fritz’s medical room, where Scout is describing his dream: He explains that he felt his teeth falling out - Blood all over the basin. Ludwig states it was just a bad dream and that the Scout should take some pills, will explain what they are later.

Fritz gives Scout a ride back home, and this is where things start to get creepy.

Scout is sitting on his couch: Soon after his mother calls him for dinner. But a call comes on the phone, he picks up. And it’s echoes of his own voice.

After this: His mother shouts again.

He turns towards the stove, and his mother’s head is peaking around the corner; Before it drops to the floor. She’s dead.

Okay, okay. That’s all I’m gonna get into: Watch it for yourself.

I’d give it a good 9.5/10, great cinematic shots; Great kills and great plot. Go watch it for sure.

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Ah shit, didn’t see this.