My topic has vanished

It’s a good thing I didn’t delete the notification from my post. I clicked to read a reply and poof. Has this happened to anyone else?

Your topic has been moved to forum purgatory


Did you type this on that topic? If so then it is put into purgatory. Only regulars can access purgatory.

Just to clear things up, here is the last post there where @CamTheChest tries to clear things up for submitting contracts.


The replies were helpful. It is just very time consuming having to use an alternate method of locating a link in a reply to a post because I no longer have access to a topic I made in the first place. I’m sure there are valid reasons for it. I am very new to forums as a whole, so navigating, posting and knowing what to click on to find my way are very unfamiliar to me.

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Topics may be considered useless and moved to purgatory. Though the one who purged it should’ve informed you, as you are not able to see it anymore until you become a regular.


I want to remind regulars who move threads to purgatory to write their reasoning in a private message instead of inside the thread because of this confusion here. :wink:


Thanks. Now that’s helpful.

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Or at least wait some time before purging so the author could see what’s going on with his thread


I may have been responsible for that. I saw they got two helpful responses within 40 mins of making the post, and several hours had passed after that so I figured that was enough time. Soz!

I’ll do the PM option next time. It’s a shame people can’t see their own thread in purgatory. There’s been an increase in single issue threads lately here I’ve noticed