Mysterious fog in Paris Corky Commotion level 2)

Hello, this is my first time ever posting on one of these, so bear with me if my formatting is a bit off. I am trying my best lol. So I know the quest for easter eggs has been pretty much wrapped up, but I was messing around and playing the Corky Commotion escalation and noticed this weird green and purple fog

It seems to be coming from this vent

I found another post on reddit, from about a year ago, saying it could potentially be an I.T. related easter egg/exit. I personally agree as it would be fitting for the theme of the level and, I think, time period (I.T was released in 2017) Here’s the link to said post: Reddit - Dive into anything

Can anybody who is skilled enough and has the resources possibly look into the games code and see what the fog is all about? This looks too weird to just be a bug.


no, this escalation only one secred exit, that never actived, because just was broken conditins for it. That secret exit was Raptor, and cut scene was like in Colorado.


I don’t think there is anything more to it other than probably just a reference to IT.

Edit: I think it’s also unfinished since they setup a pin to activate higher power smoke but it never gets triggered by anything. Here is how it looks:


Yeah, my ss shows the smoke being a little mild, but it seems to get bigger and more vibrant. You’re probably right and it is nothing/ this is all it is. Thank you!